Robert Langley Feedback

I forgot the password to my old forum account so I’m making a new thread. You might remember me as:

  • Elvis Chaplain - Admemes still haven’t given me a fucking Elvis mutator yet even when I go way above and beyond in preparing shit for rituals I am absolutely salty
  • American Chaplain - God bless the 2nd amendment, and the others too I guess
  • Botanist - I grow 100 potency omega weed, then promptly die after eating it
  • Station Engineer - I’ve made a shop selling makeshift weapons, I also make insul bait traps and lock assistants in when they try to take them. They get let out pretty quick though its just a goof
  • Lawyer - I will do everything in my power to get you off the hook, including forging evidence through pictures and spoofed written statements
  • Mime known as Francois Beauregarde La Rue - Mime is pretty fun, plus that name is just ridiculous
  • Clown known as Professor Pongo Esquire - He has a doctorate from Barnum and Bailey’s Clown College I’ll have you know
  • Infowars Debtor - I always try to snag the lawyers PDA cartridge and spam people with Truth Bombs as debtor

I don’t play command roles too much. When I’m HOP sometimes I grab a lawyer cartridge and create an ID for Joke Bot and send people the worst jokes I can find on the internet. I also have the worst paperwork forms you probably will ever see but I don’t really use them, ask me about my AA form if you see me as HOP. I also don’t play much security, I was big on detective for a while but it just got kind of boring.

I like to think I’m not much of a dick as long as you don’t barge in somewhere and start doing my job and stealing my shit instead of asking like a regular person with social intelligence. Looking at you doctors when I’m a chemist. If you want me to do something, the ol’ tit for tat always works.