RKz Mentor App the third

Your CKEY: rkz

Your Discord: Biggus Dickus#0723

How long have you been playing ss13?: Too long

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: None

Game Experience (More Detailed):

Im a silicon/engineering main.

All previous info can be found in my second app.

I was told to reapply when I started playing consistently again.

I have gained about 40 hours in the past two weeks and plan to continue playing regularly.



Tell me if this application is within the acceptable timeframe. I will take it down if it is not.


jokes aside probably a +1


Im trying my best, I played my first assistant shift in 6 months yesterday. :cry:

What chemicals does syndicate mediborg have? Can i kill anyone with them?

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This is a +1 if they are reasonably active considering this was the reason for prior denial

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I’ve seen a good bit of growth since the last time around, I’d be willing to toss my +1 at this.

T: 3

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It’s good enough for me. I’ll give this a +1 since that was the only real issue I had with your previous application.


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20 day bump.


Im starting to see an annoying trend becoming apparant that these mentor apps are just becoming popularity contests where current mentors just immediately +1 their friends.

If you arent their metabuddy, you are SoL because they arent going to put in the actual effort of asking you questions.

Copium on my part, but I do encourage you to look among current mentors who just give +1s and those who actually ask questions. Thats a big part why these apps sit and rot for weeks IMO.

Food for thought.

My previous mentor app being 29 days long is a decent indicator personally.

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how can you quickly clean up a plasma spill and/or fire?

which races are nigh immune to radiation?

which medicine do you use to treat a low dose of radiation? what about a high dose of radiation?

name 4 different ways to revive someone

what is the optimal ratio of oxygen to plasma to produce tritium?

what do you need to make maxcap?

name 3 ways to get discovery points

Several different ways:

  1. Space the room and then refill when empty
  2. Foam the room to stabilize heat
  3. put a shitton of portable filters and space heaters and wait a few hours

Plasmamen, Skeletons, IPCs

Penetic should work decently well in all cases, Iodine however will work the most effectively

Clone em, Defib em, strange reagent em, and pod person em

A point of contention between 93:7 and 97:3.

Superheated plasma in one tank, cooled trit and oxy in another. Strap them both to a TTV.

Scanning artifacts/simplemobs with a discovery scanner, detonating a research bomb at toxins launchsite, finishing exploration missions.

goode👍 +1

t: 5


I was gonna make a joke or get into those comments seriously, but this mindset you pointed out from some staff members makes me so irrationally angry that I’m just gonna vote +1 and shut up.



I’d say this is more the fault of Seniormins honestly. I forgot to go over this and let it sit for too long, that’s my bad. I’ll process this tomorrow.

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Accepting at +7, welcome back.

Please do try to maintain some level of consistent activity going forward.