RKz banned by efemu

Title: rkz banned by efemu


Admin’s CKEY: efemu

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 2 weeks

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 05-23-2021 21:53

Round ID: 29945

Ban Reason: “Killed curator as non-antag chaplain over a minor misunderstanding. Massive over-escalation, then stripped bag rather than bringing curator to medbay.” auth: Archanial

Appeal Reason: I feel like the admin did not consider any of the information I gave them and the ban seems to paint me as the violent instigator in this incident and that I just looking for loot and an easy valid.
Arch and efemu seem to not even notice what happened after the incident, and make it seem like I left him to rot after taking his gear(of which one item I actually accidently took and returned)


  1. Chaplain - Calico
  2. Curator - Jestie Boxcutter
  3. Head of Personnel - Maximilian Simpson
  4. Captain - Steve O Lastermine
  5. Engineering Borg - THAD 2.0

Let’s start from where this began.

I was at the hopline looking for additional information when a rad storm goes off. It is only me and HOP in the line so he lets me into Command maintenance to shield me from the storm.


Hop was in the process of changing my access, and my ID with maint access was left behind when we went into maint.

In this corner of maints, there was the curator (who I mistook for clown due to his outfit), SSD engiborg(might’ve been AI shell), SSD Captain, and the Hop who were all probably within a 5x5 space of each other. As the radiation dies down, the captain leaves to get mutadoned and the HOP begins to make his way out the door…

What happened:

The floor is littered with blood, so I take a spray bottle out of my satchel and spray the ground. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this bottle was not filled with space cleaner, but with tanning oil.

What’s different is that tanning oil is a minor eye irritant, so when I sprayed it, it gave an 2 second stun to the curator(the only one in the room unprotected by sunglasses)

After this, the curator flies into a rage and starts screaming obscenities at me. A reasonable response after all, though I expected perhaps a shove or a punch to the head to go along with his displeasure for my idiocy.
Instead, the Curator whips out his Claymore and begins slashing me. He gets three or four slashes on me before I take out my Hanzo Steel(Null Rod) and begin blocking his hits and slicing back in what I thought was a fight for my life. He falls down but isn’t out so I slash him several more times to see if I can incapacitate him to crit.

By this time the Hop has left and it is just me, the SSD engiborg, and the curator’s body.



As our brawl ends, I realize I am alone in maint with just the SSD engiborg with no way out. My quickest solution is to take his ID so I can get out of maints where I can then bring him to sec and he can be revived.

As I take try to rifle for his ID, I mistakenly pull his backpack off, where I then find a syndie box filled with throwing stars, syndicate bolas, and other gear.

At this moment THAD 2.0 the engiborg wakes up, whereupon I tell him I was nearly killed and that I suspect this curator was a traitor. I holster my Hanzo, drag the curator’s body, pick up his fallen claymore in one hand, and use my other hand to grab the offending backpack.

The engieborg lets me out down through Bridge doors into the hallway. I make my way to security.


An encounter

As I am dragging the curators corpse I see the HOP in the hallway.

I say I was attacked.

He says he saw it.

I say the curator was likely a traitor.

Simpson believes me.

Then he says something interesting:

open this in another tab

Hop offers to eject his corpse, effectively round ending him

*Contrary to THIS

then stripped bag rather than bringing curator to medbay. -efemu

I could have let Hop take him and gotten rid of the syndie, after all, he was my superior in the service department and if he decided to space the syndicate, so be it.

So no. I didn’t just loot and forget. I brought his corpse to security, and gave the bag with the evidence.

I would like to note that I had forgotten to return his Holy claymore, but that was remedied after Sec found the box unrelated to him being antag or not, and I returned the sword.

After that, I was promptly informed I would be banned for my egregious overescalation

tl:dr if the ban reason was twice as long, half of it would still be a lie.

Additional Information:

Cute visual I made with SS13 webmap of Corg and MSpaint


From what you’re saying, you were locked in maints with an antag who was going all the way to step 5 (Antags can freely escalate to whatever they want) and killed him in turn. Since you were stuck in maints with your back against the wall, you can’t be faulted for kicking his ass as you aren’t expected to fold over like a pair of jeans and just die.

If you accidentally took his bag off, then somehow accidentally checked his bag, and really meant it as an accident, you would have ignored what you would have found as good will on your side.


After I had seen the box, I thought he had attacked me because he was syndie. I had originally thought he had attacked me unprovoked and that his allegiance was the primary motive to trying to merk me.

It was only after the ban that I reviewed my saved chat logs and saw I fucked up with the spray bottle which may have seemed like pepperspray to him.

Also, tthere is the possibility that the box was just a maint spawn, and thats why sec let him go later.

Fuckups all around I suppose.

Me and him made our peace and lost nothing but time with our stupid brawl.

After quickly checking logs here’s what I think:

  1. Instead of killing him and fucking up his body to -140 health, you could’ve critted him and hauled his ass to medbay (that’s the ideal escalation, not killing).
    However given the new shitty crit system with everyone having +50 hp before going down (making it effectively 2/3 hits between crit and death) plus you being cornered in maint, I think the kill was justified. Not what happened afterwards tho.
  2. I find it interesting how can you mistakenly strip his backpack (which is at the top of the UI, unlike the ID that’s on the bottom), then you search it, boasting how you got da valid:

Line 5000: [2021-05-23 21:24:30.207] SAY: RKz/(Calico) “CAP we got a traitor!” (Bridge Maintenance (134, 160, 2))
Line 5014: [2021-05-23 21:24:34.126] SAY: RKz/(Calico) “he has a box” (Bridge Maintenance (134, 160, 2))
Line 5018: [2021-05-23 21:24:35.609] SAY: RKz/(Calico) “syndie” (Bridge Maintenance (134, 160, 2))
Line 5043: [2021-05-23 21:24:46.211] SAY: RKz/(Calico) “ee” (Bridge Maintenance (134, 161, 2))
Line 5044: [2021-05-23 21:24:47.132] SAY: RKz/(Calico) “see” (Bridge Maintenance (134, 161, 2))
Line 5079: [2021-05-23 21:25:03.686] SAY: RKz/(Calico) “borg” (Bridge Maintenance (134, 161, 2))
Line 5083: [2021-05-23 21:25:05.437] SAY: RKz/(Calico) “we gotta show” (Bridge Maintenance (134, 161, 2))
Line 5097: [2021-05-23 21:25:09.970] SAY: RKz/(Calico) “cap” (Bridge Maintenance (134, 159, 2))

And after taking his backpack, you still mistakenly keep forgetting to do what you originally planned to, so to take his ID:

Line 3308: [2021-05-23 21:24:06.332] ATTACK: RKz/(Calico) has stripped the backpack off no key/(Jestie Boxcutter) (NEWHP: -134) (Bridge Maintenance (134, 161, 2))
Line 3353: [2021-05-23 21:24:43.417] ATTACK: RKz/(Calico) has thrown the backpack (Bridge Maintenance (134, 161, 2))
Line 3397: [2021-05-23 21:25:13.103] ATTACK: RKz/(Calico) has grabbed no key/(Jestie Boxcutter) passive grab (NEWHP: -134) (Bridge Maintenance (134, 161, 2))
Line 3558: [2021-05-23 21:26:08.819] ATTACK: RKz/(Calico) has thrown the backpack (Central Primary Hallway (137, 132, 2))
Line 3572: [2021-05-23 21:26:15.104] ATTACK: RKz/(Calico) has thrown the backpack (Central Primary Hallway (137, 132, 2))
Line 3580: [2021-05-23 21:26:19.400] ATTACK: no key/(Jestie Boxcutter) has pulled from RKz/(Calico) with Maximilian Simpson (NEWHP: 70.9) (Central Primary Hallway (137, 133, 2))
Line 3666: [2021-05-23 21:27:00.682] ATTACK: RKz/(Calico) has thrown the backpack (Brig (152, 147, 2))



If it was a honest mistake you would get his ID next or strip both at the same time.

It’s overscalation and looting him was powergaming. And still, if you didn’t mean to strip his bag you wouldn’t open and loot it, would you?

This coupled with you screaming to warden “we got tator” makes me believe you are not on sage to roleplay.

I suggest this appeal be denied.


Okay, this I dont understand at all. I accidentally spray him(a nonharmful annoyance equivalent to a shove) and he immediately goes for the kill, so I crit and accidentally overshoot with the new system and he dies.

I didn’t get shoved and punched or anything outside his immediate hostile response, I got sliced by a dude’s goddamn longsword with intent to kill.

What loot did I take? byond the one item already stated was accidental

This looks bad.
Really bad.
I fucked up here.
I entirely accept a ban related to this.

The only defense to this is that I was not hunting for a valid, its my own idiocy. I already had a pretty good reason for fighting back in that I didnt need a valid to cement a reason for incapacitating him.

My only issue is that the reason I should have been banned(apparent bag searching for valid), is not at all mentioned in the ban reason and the ban reason itself is basically half-false.

I am requesting the ban reason is updated to reflect information and possibly get a sentence reduction.

I made my peace with the guy after he was released from security.



@Efe if you could look at this that would be cool :sunglasses:

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Fine, you’ll get your ban reason updated to better reflect what you did wrong. As for sentence reduction I have to say no, considering you validchecked the bag instead of taking the ID you claim you originally wanted to.

Since Efe doesn’t have the full permissions to deny the forum thread himself, I will be stepping in and doing the deed for him.

This ban appeal is being denied and the ban reason will be adjusted as per his last response.

Appeal Denied