RiskySikh Mentor Application

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No One
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https://gyazo.com/4d006b92c00fcb3e9bab3ca6404e7b5c (TG Station) Playing on it since 2018
I understand, that I haven’t been on Beestation for that long, and I just started playing it recently, but honestly I want to clean up my acts of being a shitter, and be a truly changed person to prove people that I have changed for the better, despite having low amount of hours on beestation, I have amassed around 7000 hours on some jobs such as security, assistant, as well 2330 on chemist on TG station, which has given me a quite a bit of experience in the medical, and security field as well as general mechanics, despite that; however, I am somewhat new to the community, and my only note and ban has been a permban a couple of months ago which I truly regret. I honestly don’t know if I am just making a huge fool out of myself with this mentor application, but I want to prove myself as a changed person, by contributing to the community and helping people out. In summary, I don’t have that much time on beestation; however, I got a lot of time on TG station, and generally been on SS13 since 2017, and I feel that I can use my experience for good, and not for shittery. As well, help newer players that are to the new community to get used to the game mechanics and get into the flow.

Five hours on /TG/? I think I’m not reading it right, yet you claim to have over 2330 hours in chemist on /TG/ since 2017? Thats almost quarter of a year in three years!

Forgive me, the second screenshot is the time I have spent on beestation https://gyazo.com/343fb6a71719526e9656ae9513e3bd50;however, the first screenshot I sent is the amount of time I have spent on TG station https://gyazo.com/4d006b92c00fcb3e9bab3ca6404e7b5c

As well, I spent playing SS13 since 2017, but I spent most of 2017-2018 playing CM, then 2018 playing some TG, then taking breaks, but in 2019 I took TG seriously, and despite me not being robust, I feel that I have experience in chemistry, security, along with cooking and bartending, along with game mechanics.

I’m just gonna back off as It’s not my job to check these anyways, but 97 days as chemist alone on /TG/ since 2017? That aint right :cowboy_hat_face:

I meant to say I started playing TG since 2018, but it was irregular; however, I joined SS13 in 2017.


as well 2330 on chemist on TG station

It’s hard to explain, but I started to play regularly or actively in 2019; however, I started to play a tiny bit in 2018. I ain’t trying to hide any details or skimming it.

Thats not the thing I’m talking about, 2330 hous is 97 days which is almost a third of a year.

And you say you’ve got over 7000 in many roles on /TG/

Yes, mainly in Security and Assistant.

I think the confusion is that he’s saying hours, but the graphs clearly show minutes. You have roughly 210+ hours of play on /tg/. Which is far more reasonable.

My concern, however, is that while I was checking your ckey I found you only have 9-hours playing on our server. While we do share commonalities with /tg/, we also have some key differences due to our divergence. That could make mentorship a bit challenging.

I ignored the graph, it’s somewhat reasonable, but he says “I have amassed around 7000 hours on some jobs such as security, assistant, as well 2330 on chemist on TG station” Which… I hope is a typo.

Sorry for that I mixed up hours with minutes

Thats a much more realistic 110 or so hours, so +1 I gueesss

Due to the lack of hours on Bee specifically, with so much more on /tg/ I can’t really support the application. When asked questions there will be lots of times you default to your knowledge of /tg/ and it may be different than Bee’s. Also becoming a mentor on a brand new server to prove that overcame what you did to bet banned is probably not the motivation you should have.

[changed] for now, but once you have matching hours on bee and are a part of the community I’d be happy to approve the reapplication.

It’s okay man, I understand, have a good day.

I got 102 hours now.

Mentors just a cool kids club, if you want to help people just do it but dont expect any appreciation.

I understand, being mentor doesn’t give you any benefits or anything like that. I would like to help out.