Rioputten banned by SuperDork55


Admin’s CKEY:SuperDork55

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Both servers

Which server did the ban happen on? Mrp Sage

Ban Type: temporary

Ban Length: 2 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 14/10/2020

Round ID:22623

**Ban Reason: Threw weed grenades in chapel causing a breach and dc’d. was previously warned by senior admin **

Appeal Reason: I threw those grenads in chapel because to suicide since dinner wass ready. I chose chapel because it was blocked off by a bluespace shelter so no one would get hurt. I should have used the suicide verb but i wanted to die by the weed grenades i made.

Additional Information:None

Thats a terrible reason. You’re appealing dorks ban not mine but i’d recomend this sticks.
Its only 2 days anyways.

well since no one but me got hurt, and the shuttle had already docked it didnt seem to be a big deal to me. Its only 2 days but ss13 is one of the only games i play and getting banned for 2 days kinda sucks

Well it is supposed to be a punishment you know.
But in the end its dorks ban not mine so ill leave it to him.

But breaching the hull with your nades in both dorms and chappel THE SAME ROUND i told you to not do that? Kinda cringe

@SuperDork55 your ban though matey!

Could’ve also cryo’d in medbay

or also dorms has cryo.

Could have literally gone AFK on the shuttle and gotten beecoins for surviving the shift.

There are many other ways to leave the game besides punching a hole in the hull.

You were dealt with by Llol only previously in a ticket prior asking you not to chuck nades. You need to learn when an Admin does give you a warning/advice to follow through as it ends you up in this situation if you repeat your behavior.

P.S you did harm another crew member, one walked in after you did it nearly killing them from oxygen deprivation and a engineering borgo had to fix your mess up.

Edit - Since the ban is almost expired I’ll go ahead and lift since it’s Friday. Please don’t chuck grenades and create random hull breaches.