Riddles for you

I am what you ingest but you can’t see me what am I?

Glass, obviously.


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I’m guessing pancake

Not even close guys heh


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I’ll accept that since I was going for cigarette smoke cause you’re injecting nicotine but it was a stretch

The answer isn’t air? Also can’t you see cigarette smoke?

i suppose air was what i was going for or something along the lines of that

riddle me this funny man

if quizzes are quizzical

then what are tests?


You bloody bastard. @llol111 may i answer this?

in what universe we can’t say testical

The one where there’s a specific rule against it

Breaking news

Tes*icals is now a censored word
more at 7


Thats not even the right spelling, its testicle.

it’s my god given right to say testicle

Cigarette and smoke are both visible with a naked eye, shitty riddle. You lose this round Riddler.

Not if you’re blind ™️😂

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Nutriment pump


The contents thereof the bottle of nothing.

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