RhinoKing banned by Piterskiy

CKEY:: RhinoKing

Admin’s CKEY:: Piterskiy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:: Both

Which server did the ban happen on?: sage

Ban Type:: Temporary

Ban Length:: 7 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):: 07/06/2020

Round ID:: 18178

Ban Reason:: bombed medbay as a traitor without muderbone objective, disconnected before I noticed or bwoinked.

Appeal Reason::
From my experience in ss13 the objective of a traitor has been to kill people and have fun in a violent manner. I have never had an experience where that does not apply. It even says on the official beestation wiki that the duties of a traitor are to “Kill people”. Now, I read the wiki and that is what informed me of what to do. So I did what the wiki said (as you are meant to do for all of the jobs in this game) and killed people. I was going entirely off the official beestation wiki, which told me to kill people. I’m not sure what else I was meant to have done. If this is not the case then shouldn’t the wiki be updated, as that is what new players are basing their actions on? It boggles my mind how I can be banned for something that your wiki states I should do. Finally, the reason I left was not to avoid being noticed as I had detonated the bomb far before I left the server (the reason I left was that I died).

Additional Information:: None.

using an extremely broad, outdated generalization from the wiki over the fucking rules and your antag objective is just stupid

just use common sense
if anything you’re just digging yourself into a deeper hole

there’s other servers, not just bee


we dont even use wiki to write rules. you can find all rules and different rulings at https://beestation13.com/rules

Exactly, outdated, but that’s what I was basing my actions on. I have assumed throughout my experience of the game that you should do what the wiki says for your job (and this is standard procedure). It was not the tg wiki, it was your wiki, the beestation official wiki. Why should a player be responsible for following the official instructions of the game?

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I would understand a new player messing this up, but you have a ban all the way back on 2019-10-13.

If you read the MRP rules you should have noticed the discrepancy.

I would think it would be common sense to ask an admin to clear this up and tell you what to do or to ask in OOC to figure it out instead of just assuming that because the wiki said it you get a free pass to break the rules.

You said this in a previous appeal about one of your bombings. You should know by now to read the rules to avoid being banned.

Not only that, the description for sec literally says “eat donuts”. It’s quite clearly not the official job expectations.

The duties are written as Duties: Kill people, steal shit, fuck school which are the objectives you can get

Denied due to expiration and admin not lifting it.