Rex Gray player report (unknown ckey)

In-game report:

CKEY: Hammermouse

Your Discord: N/A

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Rex Gray

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 7/22/2021

Round Number: 39437

Rules Broken: 1, 2, 7

Incident Description: Security hit me with a DEAD OR ALIVE warning at random in a hallway. I stopped to ask what was up and was dragged straight to interrogation, but not told what i was suspected of. Rex then proceeded to disable me and strip me of all my items and throw me in brig “while he checked me out”, but then later said he already had and was holding me because i was guilty. Dude didn’t use a full sentence the entire time, and ignored multiple chances to elaborate farther both to me and a bystander who told him he was being out of line. Turns out he erroneously thought i wasn’t allowed in that general access engineering room (dont know the name, sorry - the one with the tools vending machines in it) The whole altercation ate up like fifteen minutes and eventually resulted in my death, since he never gave my stuff back and i got trapped in a room because of it. I dont mind dying and i dont think characters being mean is against the rules, but this hinged on his misunderstanding of the rules, was not roleplay and took a round that had been really fun and ground it to a halt for no reason.

Additional Information: cmonnnn its moth week


dead or alive… for being in engineering foyer?

what the fuck


DEAD OR ALIVE might be in reference to the overly aggressive security phrases said by the security mask when you use HALT HALT HALT to prevent you from needing to stand around.


I think OP meant tools storage. You know, the one literally everyone has access to.


I’ll process this report :+1:
I was able to get in touch with the player, i’ll wait for a reply before processing.

@Jim_Paper There’s also a report on you over here that’s waiting on your response.

The story from my point of view was like this:

When i was patrolling the main hallway i notice that door to the ENG room was hack. Because someone reported to me that the locker from RD office was stolen i equip myself with the print scanner from the Dete office i assumed that i can do that because my access was working for that locker so this is why i was able to scan that hacked door. After checking the prints the only information from it was DNA nothing else so i check the owner of that prints and it was a Chaplain. I meat him like 1-2 mins later in the main hallway. I used the mask yelling option to point out that i want something from him when he stop i told him “follow me” so i “1 level grab” him and drag him to the sec area i assumed that he was okay with it because he didn’t resist after we end up in the interrogation room i ask him two question

  • Me: have you been recently near END zone
    • He: No (lie)
  • Me: I have prints on you that says other ways
    • He: I like to wander around the station (suspicious activity)
  • Me: okay if you are really innocent i will check out if you don’t have any tool on you i will let you go

Of course he had a full belt of tools and because every evidence was against him i took him in prison with the crime “code 110 Breaking and Entering 5mins”. I confiscated his tools and put them in an evidence looker…

My answers to this report

  • the reason i took you tools was because of this fragment from space law (book)
  1. Confiscate any contraband and/or stolen items, as well as any tools that were used to commit crimes.
    These are to be placed in evidence, not left on the brig floor or your personal use, until they can be returned to their rightful owners.
  • bartender (bystander) is not a lawyer i don’t care what he thinks about this situation i only answer to the HOS CAP Warden and lawyer (<- depends on situation) and that person could be also one of your friends who just wanted to set you free

  • I don’t know how you concluded that i broke rule 1 2 7 could you provide specific reason\monets?

  • You broke the rule " 2 No Powergaming" by equipping yourself with the tools while playing as a chaplain

  • the reason i didn’t focus so much on Roleplay that day was simple beouse of number of player online but despite that i was trying to keep bare minimum also i was in rush because of my private matters

  • You accuse me of you death i only take responsibility when you die at the Brig

  • You probably died after 25-30 mins you had a plany of time to get your new set of tools

Information for Giacomo_Freddi could you also check the messages i sent you on discord i could have missed something important thanks anyway

Your “point of view” is like 3000 characters long. Someone else reported you for the same exact thing. I’m gonna go do something else.

The fact that you were wrongfully imprisoned was an IC issue, the door was hacked and your prints were on it. They checked if you had any tools, and you did, it’s reasonable to believe you were the one who hacked into engineering.

A 5 minute sentence was issued, so I don’t have issues with that.
However, it took more than 10 minutes after their arrest before you set the timer (so it turned into a 15-ish minutes total sentence).
I do understand you were debating whether they did commit the crime or not, but the first thing you should do after an arrest is set the timer. If they turn out to be innocent you can just let them walk away. Keep this in mind in the future.

If you get arrested they are allowed to confiscate your tools.

While this is an exaggeration, Rex did make a few spelling mistakes.

Also, remarks like “AI IS MANF” (spelled like this, said twice during this round) are also below our roleplay standards.

I can understand how security officer can be stressful, and that sometimes you need to write stuff very quickly, but please keep in mind that this is a roleplay server.

Report processed