Reworked Display Cases!

Basically I find it really disappointing that you can’t use the stuff that’s already in the curator display cases. There are lots of items that sound cool (like the captain’s fathers sword) and I think it would add to the Curator experience as well as give people a reason to go into the library. In fact it might even be kinda neat to make them antag objectives too, dunno how realistic that would be. What do you think?

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The reason you cant take shit out is so that people dont put eswords and shit in them to powergame

The IDEA is fun, but it leads to issues.


cringemins wont let me have a roundstart fireaxe as the worst antag job :pensive:


The issue with the “buh powergaming issue” is the simple thing called- bwoink “why do you have esword, ic reason to carry it” and if they can’t provide return it and if they do it repeatedly ban

IIRC sometimes a cap’s spare an an sm sword appears in the display cases.

You’re taunting people with epic loot and then banning them for when they fall for it…
ban baiting

I’ve seen items like the mjolnir in display cases and over overpowered and broken items that shouldn’t be accessible on most rounds. Also it would allow for duplication of rare / unique items that shouldn’t be accessible more than once.

I see how that could be a major issue! Is it possible that we could have then say ‘replica’ in front and do little to no damage, sorta like toy armblades or capguns? I think it would be cool to have a pagan chaplin running around with a replica mjolnir or a clown with a replica antique sword pretending to me captain or something! Basically it seems like a fun RP opportunity to me which I would like to explore.

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maybe allow some items? like not allowing any antag items or high importance items but stuff that can be in there could be stuff like materials, family heirlooms, maybe lavaland loot and other stuff wich is considered a “relic”

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