Reworked devil

So it would spawn cult but there is 50% to be satanic cult not narsie.
First you need to convert someone like blood cult does, then one devil can buy your soul and gets stronger.

If devil runs out of lives he takes body of one of the cultists, this process would be very loud and paralyzes the victim.
Once devils ascends he wouldnt be overpowered like narsie, you could actually fight him and possibly kill.


I like the sound of devil being a conversion antagonist, and converting people to a satanic cult that gets stronger as it grows, up until a battle finally takes place.

I do however think that one thing should remain the same, and one thing should change:

  • Devil should not be a forced conversion and it should remain the player’s choice whether they wish to join the cult and gain assorted powers that grow as the cult does.
  • It should uniquely not be considered self-antag to seek out and attempt to join the satanic cult, unless you have a roundstart mindshield + Chaplain and Curator. Let our players cut loose once in a while via this round-type and they’ll be less itchy to do so when they shouldn’t