Rework Devils on MRP

Devils on MRP just breaks MRP completely. Suddenly everyone is powergaming and selling their souls and greytiding (including heads). That’s LRP shit.

Example: the round I am playing right now is devils. round 11278. HoP is a devil, there is no captain. He is just taking the IDs off of anyone who doesnt sell their soul, and honestly, thats not even a real issue. the issue comes down to the people who did sell their souls, and then just break in anywhere they want, attack and kill anyone who bothers them, etc. QM broke into science, and when i told him to leave, he electrocuted me.

The Devils themselves are fine. Its the people who sell their souls. They arent antags, technically, right? So why do they act like they are? Where do you draw the line between MRP and just being a shit because no one can stop you? It either needs to be removed from the lineup or shit needs to be clarified.

Devils break every mode. It should honestly just be removed.

Odd, I thought the problem with devils was that it’s a completely voluntary antag. One devil round I was playing chemist when some botnis came up.

“You want mutagen?”

“No, but do you wanna sell your soul?”


Flaming sheet of paper appears in my hand, down disposals it goes.

“You sure?”


Dude goes off soulless, I felt a bit guilty about it later, but he came back having ascended and mocked me about it, so I didn’t ruin his green text.

But yes, given how handing all access, hulking, and magic out like candy is a recipe for self-antagging, and how the people who will most likely greytide with demon powers are the people who will take said powers, some sort of rework seems to be in order. The spotlight it shines on the curator and lawyers, jobs that are usually “assistant with benefits”, doesn’t cancel out the inherent boredom of those jobs on every last non-devil round. Chaplain absent cult still has roleplay opportunities, unique items, a workplace, and an actual role on the station.
Maybe devils could be a remake of the overthrow gamemode, as abductor-style background antags competing to be the last devil standing.

Yeah, the voluntary nature is among the reasons I consider devil broken.

You probably could rework it, but for right now, I think just removing it should be on the table.

I remember the complaints of devil being a dreadfully boring antag to be during low-pop and how it got a minimum player requirement.
All this suggests is that devils is far too flawed to function on a server with as strict rules as Sage.

Even overhauling this damn gamemode would be a hail-mary on Bee given how dependent it is on our wonderful community not abusing it.

That is exactly the issue. The players are the problem. A lot of people WANT that power. And I get that its kind of the point of devils, its not fun. Not unless you abuse the fuck out of it. Then anyone who didnt is on the receiving end of your bullshit. That just sucks. There needs to be motive to fight against the devils or something.

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