Revs is an awful gamemode that we have a better alternative of... lets remove it and just play cult instead

an absolutely god awful gamemdoe that is the absolute anthithesis to everything tihs server stands for

first let me say. if you like revs… cool we have cult its simular but more in depth where you are not torturing innocent heads of staff
clock cult has a neat last stand fight and you can still duke it out beforehand with a powerfull tepelort

and if you like revs for the sole reason that its easy to swarm and murderbone command and sec…
you suck
with that out of the way

  • balancing - rev balancing is a nonexistant joke. revs can convert entire departments in minutes. who knew an instant conversion with practically no cooldown and limited counterplay (there’s only so many advanced sunglasses and heads got most of them)
    is a absolutely awful idea. revs can own the entire station in 20 minutes in witch time its literally impossible for the oposition to have any chance of survial what so ever

  • awful midgame - revs is just that. innocent players who just by bad luck got rolled to be a punching bag and to get utterly stomped by a bloodthurtsty psychotic swarm. its only fun for a FEW revs who get to be said psychopaths and the rest of the revs just wander around looking for targets also getting bored. lets not even mention due to the nonexistant balancing revs can be boring to some revs who search for… actuall challenge in their antag gameplay. crushing a helpless commandstaff and then searching for the last one isnt fun for everyone

  • dull lategame - once revs get their murderboner over its just everyone sitting and waiting its not fun for anyone not even the revs

  • god forbid you have any gimicks going on be it any admin tomfoolery or just people having fun in any unconventional way. its all over revs is here to turn the station into a warzone and end the shift at 30 minutes

  • the ocasional other way around - in the rarer case that sec gets the early drop. firstly revs can still outpreform them in sheer conversion speed but if they fail they get stomped. because rev balance is a razorblade above a pit of dogshit

  • honestly ive noticed revs has the highest rate of rule 7 violations (be nice to each other)
    revs can be the most toxic and horrible. who knew giving people the greenlight to tide and the objective to MURDERBONE is bad for decency.

  • NRP - if you like roleplay you wont like revs. if you dont care about rolpleay eh i guess that’s not big problem for you. if you dont like roleplay… what are you doing here

  • revs on dynamic - is a mess. revs is so god awful it manages to ruin dynamic by compleatly overshadowing every other antag.
    postrev hellscape is awfull for everyone as its basically greenshift but for antags. and yes its very boring… just waiting for the shuttle to arrive
    And its LITERALLY impossible to stop revs on dynamic… imagine handling the single most rapidly spreading hostile force while dealing with lings and others… AND THEY CAN TO BECOME REVS

how this horrid gamemode remains is beyond me and if you wanna keep the gamemode rate a net nutural replace it with IAA- we still have those in code somewhere. its simular to revs but with semi willing particapants and none of the sins mentioned


be fair outside the few minutes of taking down sec. revs is just looking around for CE hiding in space
and there’s way better gamemodes where you can do the same that arent cursed

As a bandaid solution, every rev round should end with deathsquad sent to the station and totally wipe it off the sector, number of DS maybe between minimum of total head of staff, to every single ghost available. If rev still win, they got “major” victory, might as well go full chaotic with it.

i am wondering if you mean my last CE round by that or if that’s just so common couse yeah last time i did that a looot of people were mad at me asking if the admins will punish me or something for “extending” the round

well at least heads will get their revenge but ive seen revs wipe standard ert’s by just sicide bombing them

that one time the clown slipped a DS and killed them with their own pulse rifle…
also that one time at CC i shoved one down and did the same…
Then there are so many other funny things that have happenned.

You need a mindshield to use the pulserifle tho unless you replace the pin.

Dont think this is possible now since DS come with advanced magboots i think

And DS that just go solo and get ganked alone deserve getting their ass beaten, they usually came as a team for a reason.

Exactly, even if they got a hand on the pulse rifle, revs cant instantly bypass the mindshield pins, but still in the end it all depend on the DS players not to fuck up so much when they have massive advantage in gear, less its not fair for revs if its impossible (Like the doomguy/juggernaut, OR squad of em)

Well, bombs are always the easy way out in this game, but i forgot if revs are allowed to just suicide bomb.

they should be able to (i think) if one of their targets is in front of them let me check

Prioritize converting/deconverting when possible. Revs may freely kill anyone with flash protection/mindshields

yeah honestly this is the best typed policy on revs, so status quo I guess

ive seen a turtle slauther DS but that’s just xenobio being unholy op and outside tihs conversation

Well, bombs are always the easy way out in this game, but i forgot if revs are allowed to just suicide bomb.


ive been bombed by revs more time than some people have been headrevs

Something I made partially in response to reading this thread: Revolution Conversion is Terrible, Can We Fix It? (maybe) - Suggestions - BeeStation (

Just replace revs with gangs easy as that


honestly I disagree lol the typical revolutionary that I observe remains silent unless they need to speak

but gangs was even more hated. since its essentially a bunch of different revs (tho conversion is slower) that can just stealthily buy guns.

I disagree honestly. Gangs also isnt great, but its better than revs because both sides can actually be somewhat even. With revs if heads dont immediately find out and work against it, its effectively 30 people versus 4 people

Heads can’t even be converted, so I wouldn’t even count them as having “counterplay”. Regular crew is easy to convert with maybe 2 jobs having counterplay(Bartender, and I think VIP).

I think its also worth mentioning lowpop revs can do the exact same. They can stomp the 1 head almost immediately and be done with it. Hell, I am responsible for what is possibly the fastest rev victory due to bad luck as a head(>5 minutes round time).

And it’s worth noting it doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re a rev, you just tide anywhere. If not, you see people tend to gear up heavily.

I’d say all conversion antags fall into this. Revs just happen to be the most obvious case due to the conversion being piss easy.

hell today i was the only seccie in a rev round, we didnt stand a chance with the mass flashings :frowning:

Internal Affairs Agent, right?
IAA was removed because of the confusion it caused… even for admins overseeing it… The number of times they had to double check if the murderbone was legit was…
Seeing as also contained within was a single E(xternal) AA, who was basically just a normal traitor

Speaking of… murderbone… I believe EAA had a free pass from the very start…
and for some reason, if the winner of NT’s battle royale is a normal IAA they are given permission to go ham and kill everyone anyway (because all agents were to martyr themselves as a cover up…?)

All the info seems to be lost on the wikis but managed to salvage something from the reports and appeals here on the forums…

IAA Was so god damm promising but was ruined by bloating it unreasonably…

A BR type event in a populated world you aren’t allowed to kill (within reason) with sec acting as a wildcard

Instead… Several loopholes were added:

  • The fact that rules are not the same between the two roles of the gamemode, leading to confusion.

  • EAA, is an actual normal traitor who’s only “real” goal is to bone and is encouraged to do so.

  • Winning IAA gets a murderbone pass, despite their rules forbidding this during their normal play.

Knock those 3 off and IAA might actually be fine…

You are an IAA working under NT, for one reason or another: You have been contracted to kill other agents in the field, Station personnel are not targets and collateral should be kept to a minimum.
On killing all other agents they win. Their goal is to now extract in one piece, be it “immediate” extraction to CC via some means or to make it out on the shuttle as normal traitors (or a choice if they wish…)

Would also need a name change… maybe to their old name? (Double agent)

This got a little rambly… Feel free to split this off elsewhere if you want…

BR good(?)
Rule Spaghett bad
Rev bad
Trades 1:1 on gamemodes

Gives people a gamemode where its traitor vs traitor in a no (read: some) holds barred fight to see who can win a sleepy pen fight while sec tries to get in the way.

IAA actually got fucked because of a bug.
During their closing days, they got a thing called Objective Inheritance, when an IAA killed their target they got the target’s target, and then when they ran out of targets they got DAGD.

This is not intended behavior

The way it’s meant to work is you have one target and one hunter. Your target is also hunting someone else, and your hunter has someone chasing them. You know who you have to kill but not who has to kill you.

Now the new way can work with your suggestions. EAA doesn’t have to exist but I like it, so have it as a different antag status. Because it was literally the same status with one var changed, and it didn’t even look different in the end round screen half the time. It was nigh-on impossible for an admin to tell IAA and EAA apart at a glance.

I very much thought the BR style of objectives was intentional…
Interesting… This… Could actually be how to fluff how you know your next target:

There was information on their person regarding another target acquired through killing them (or backchannels in NT if they just die somewhere not even near you…)