Revolution doesn't end the round

So, if a Revolution round reaches one of the two victory states, it should prompt a shuttle vote. If the Revs won, then all Command roles are locked out. Either way, it becomes a dynamic round.


I agree! Revs should live in the shit station they got


revolutionaries working in engineering when they have to fix the maxcap holes they made in 3 departments to kill one man


my head canon is that revs are a syndicate plot to strip stations of their command staff and to commandeer the station afterwords. Maybe that could be used as an idea somehow to make revs better? idk how just an idea

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What if nukies after revs :flushed:


I’m surprised death squads don’t always get issued to stations overthrown by revs.

I just think "Man you revolted, then you go to centcom? who sent the shuttle and likely know of the mutiny/revolution and are waiting? pulse carbine in hand?


What about a Syndicate squad (not nukies, the purpose is to control the station) and an NT Deconversion/ERT Squad getting called at the same time about 30 minutes after the Revs win?

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Well, according to lore, the flashes are issued by the Gorlex marauders, so it is reasonable to assume that the rev heads are syndicate agents, be it undercover Gorlex/ agents or contracted/ agent initiate NT defectors.

Thusly it would make sense if the rev heads themselves were then recalled to base (al-la syndicate deliver pod like contract targets.) to get better fitted and become the occupying force, rather than just being in the same boat as just regular revs now that the initial objective is completed. Additionally making the recall optional to allow for the spawning of ghosty bois back into the game as dedicated re-enforcement agents.


In the Rev rework i was working on (currently on hold due to uni stuff) the round wouldn’t end with a win-state (the objective itself of killing the heads would be removed).
I completely agree, having a win objective limits roleplay and ends up making the whole game mode way too arcade-y for its own good.

currently, revs are cybersun employees who stole tech from them and fled to start shit up in a NT station

"Attention Cybersun operatives and agents, the H.R. , RnD and Corporate departments all understand that you are highly trained in espionage and that the Implements in development at the Matter over mind division, are incredibly useful and are from various subjective standpoints “very cool”. However it is asked that all employees refrain from the unauthorized appropriation and use of experimental technology and the related prototypes in field work.

In the event you DO regardless of this warning, Corporate and H.R. will provide clemency should the following protocols and demands be followed : [Error, attached file/link not found]

Failing that, will result in immediate termination. "

  • Intercepted Cybersun corporation internal memo.