Return of the naming report spam

Clogging the forums with 30 pointless naming reports half of which aren’t even valid sucked last time, please don’t do it again, thanks. Too many high impact rule breaks take 3 months to get resolved without wasting mins time with 15 different peanut reports.

You know who you are.


And now I’m not there to process them :pensive:


Watching Kelpo come back and immediately make a well known static name lizard have to change their name was pretty funny. Not as juicy as when it happened to a certain moth however.


Kelpo doing god’s work
but also for the love of god any report that boils down to “he did the most minor of rule breaks !!” only buries 20 years old reports that are still left opened


Not really, reports are under control again. We had a massive backlog previously from December when a lot of people were understandably busy, but that’s not the case anymore.

AH you’re right, no more 3 months old report
longest i’ve seen is an entire 1.5 months ago report Alex Knap round 43303 report - #26 by PinkSuzuki
but it seems to be the one like this


Yes. It’s definitely funny.

I don’t get filled with rage, at all.

It is not evil.

It is not evil.

It is not evil…

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I reported this person’s name several months ago when they were still newer hoping to avert another crisis.


Ana has apples. :grinning:
Ana loves apples. :smiley:
Ana loves apples so much she works at an orchard :smile:(I had to google what orchard meant)
After a long time taking care of her apple trees ana begins the grand harvest :partying_face:
:one:First basket~ :two_hearts:~
:two:Second basket~ :two_hearts:~
:four:th basket :grimacing::gun:

Ana noticed something wrong with her apples :face_vomiting:
Some of them had mold :foot:
Ana is think, :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
“if I do not separate the moldy apples from the healthy ones the whole harvest is going to be compromised, the mold will spread” :exclamation: :sob: :sneezing_face:
But then ana realised something :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:
not all her trees are apple trees :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:
Some of them are pear trees :pill::mask: :syringe: :face_with_thermometer:
Ana is alergic to pears and hates them, :toolbox:
not only that it would also ruin ana since she now has pears :eye: :lips: :eye:
“ANA DOES NOT HAVE PEARS, SHE HAS APPLES” you hear ana cry, whatever you do it does not calm ana.
ana has moldy apples and pears.

After a bit crying about not doing anything to improve the situation ana is think. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
“I can try to get rid of the moldy apples and get rid of the pear trees at the same time, which will take a long time” :clock1:
Outcome :clock430:
the community agreed that this was an apple only orchard and decided to purge the pears with some… exceptions
Alice pov :eyeglasses:
The previous owner of this parch of land used to sell low quality fruits but now the leaders are striving for the orchard to sell medium quality fruits problem is the people still remember the old orchard quite a golden one it was but the people still remember the golden era, people come in with the wrong impresions causing more problems for the orchard
I had some of the apples reported for being moldy but when inspected they turned out to be fine, why was everyone so hostile to me I thought they were moldy but I am no master mold spotter, dont we all want the apples to be healthy? all this hostility will surely discourage people from reporting :blush:
some of the apple gatherers wanted to grant exceptions to some apples that had mold on them and serve the people the corupted fruit :worm:, also they wanted not to get rid of the pear trees even though they were breaking my soul and breaking the reputation of the orchard
their reasons, :poop:
Oh the apple tree is very old simply a veteran of the game, you shouldnt just throw away the moldy apples even if they are moldy
Oh I know that pear tree it gave me shelter in a previous round of harvesting
Oh stop reporting things we already have to many reports to deal with, lets just focus on the bigger issue[ignoring the mold will make it spread to the healthy food which will still cause a big problem no matter how small the mold is, it needs to be eradicated]

When you find an weed, you take it out by the root, it looks like the weed has spread to far.
Even if there is an tiny speck of mold on an apple in a basket, the mold contaminates all fruits unless it is removed, it seems they are contempt with rotten fruits.

The orchard did not truly belong to ana, so she couldn’t burn the land clean and start over

This controlled burn
by u/Allstarhit in oddlysatisfying

The orchard does not belong to ana she was simply granted the land, she realised that this fight is not worth having and searched for her fortune elsewhere.
Ana fucked off
Wheres my #lore acess crossed, I got you the wall of thext you wanted


Love the sinner
hate the sin.

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Unironic schizoposting what the fuck

My brother in christ I understand your post but you’re really on a high horse right now, step down a notch and stop seeing yourself as the righteous person trying to protect the poor ideal place from filthy mold - you’re not acting to protect anything, you’re being petty for no reason


I think you need to re-evaluate your approach on this.




god I hated enforcing naming policy


kelpo finally went insane!


strawman argument, invalidated

this is not a proper representation of the arguments given.

Bizcocho de fresa

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friendly reminder that this orchard is not a medium quality fruit orchard, but a general quality fruit orchard and we dropped the medium title some kind ago. Also -1 points for not using a beekeeping analogy


Should have went with bees and hornets smh