Restructuring Command Staff

1) Quartermaster is now a head of staff

Quartermaster is now in charge of Supply/Service/Civilian level jobs, with no additional authority or responsibilities. Theoretically this should mean someone will actually be available to help keep up with these departments instead of them feeling largely detached.

2) Give heads the individual ability to open and close job slots and mark jobs as priority for late joining players.

3) Remove the HoP as a dedicated job

Rename HoP access to “Administrative Access”, and give all heads this access by default. Vacate the HoP office of everything related to job assignment but otherwise leave the office and line in-tact for use at the discretion of other command staff.

The unique access allows the office to be assigned to someone without giving them full command access, in cases of using it as a shop for example. Could also be used as a general distribution point for any number of things.

Keep but rename the uniform pieces to something like “antiquated -----”.

Ian is now a station mascot that occupies the recreational area of the station.

4) Dynamically assign an officer rank on manifest to each head of staff in relation to what other heads of staff are currently available:

If there is no captain, then the highest ranked head should be listed as “Acting Captain”. If there is, then the highest ranked head should be “First Officer”, effectively marking them as second in command like HoP used to be.

RD → CE → CMO → QM → HoS

Optional part of the idea to potentially help preserve power balance on the station:

?) Add a conditional, dedicated “First officer” role with no specific duties aside from being second in command and assisting the captain directly.

Conditions include:

  • Roundstart only role
  • Population > 30 at roundstart
  • More than one person tried to be captain at roundstart
  • Assigned to the “Captain” with less total command hours instead of the captain role.

Since the server typically operates with the HoP serving as this instead of as a head of his own departments, this may or may not be necessary on higher population rounds where the captain could really use some direct assistance, but other heads have their own full departments to tend to.

** Would utilize the HoP uniform appearance if implemented, which means no antiquated uniform pieces kept in the old office.


I failed to see which picture you’re drawing with this. What do you intend with this?


Is the goal to remove desk-job RP role and replace the command slot with QM? Am I missing something? Why remove a certified ss13 classic™ staple role? In which direction would the effect of an already sometimes difficult to reach HoP be pushed when that person has an entirely unique set of duties to attend to on top of that?


Remove a largely unnecessary role from the table. HoP serves two primary functions:

  1. To head supply and civilian, one of which already has its own dedicated leader.

  2. To assign non-head jobs to people seeking job changes, but only after consulting the head of that department which these people could and should just contact themselves through Radio, PDA or otherwise.

Quartermaster is now in charge of Supply and Civilian jobs, with no additional authority or responsibilities

Does this mean they are still eligible for antag or not? If they don’t have any additional authority or responsibilities I don’t see why they couldn’t be.

RD → CE → CMO → QM → HoS

I don’t got much skin in the game but having HOS as the lowest priority for taking full command is good. Being acting captain and HOS just means both jobs aren’t done well and opens the door to all kinds of shenanigans.


I think this could really improve quality of life for head mains, I look forward to seeing this implemented.

If they became a full head, they wouldn’t be.

This would put them on par with the other heads, I was just making it clear they weren’t taking over for the job assignment portion of HoP because that function is entirely redundant and only causes problems, almost bordering on ban bait.

Had a thought about this, does this mean they can apply any access to the department they control, like they can now with the consoles some stations have? Or is it straight up, all access giving ability? If it’s full access it might need balancing, since right now only two heads, HoP and Captain, can give AA with their ID. It’d make traitoring easier

I meant purely the access to the HoP office, not the ID console. The access for ID console is separate and would be exclusive to the captain without a HoP.

I completely misunderstood the question so badly I’m not even sure how I did it.

Yes, and in fact this is something they are all already capable of doing - every head (except QM since they aren’t a head yet) has a console that exclusively supplies access to their departments.

There’s just very little reason to utilize them except for demotions… which almost nobody does.

the quartermaster shouldnt be a head of staff uwu


Then the job shouldn’t exist and have a cape because it’s the HoP’s job to lead cargo.

Doesn’t change my opinion that, classic gameplay or not, the Supply/Civilian head shouldn’t have AA or an AA dispenser. Only the captain (for all) and departmental heads (for only their own space) should be giving out access.

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The ‘‘First officer’’ thing sounds interesting, but mostly because it can kinda pave the way for an eventual ‘‘Blueshield’’, i say it just because i think they’re not that bad though there’s still a lot of other things to fix for that to being viable

While i do agree on the proposal about moving the ‘‘aa machine’’ to the other departments heads (because there’s SO many HOP’s that don’t read SOP and promote people to departments they don’t belong without questioning the respective head of staff that it gets tired) i’m not sure about the full HoP removal, they’re still the supervisors of all of Service, without the HoP the responsabiliy would fall into… Captain? (who’s usually busy with other more important stuff)

Like sure, a lot of HoP players only sit on their office, do an attempt of paperwork RP and visit cargo for bounties and such, but ideally they should be interacting with the other service departments, which it’s more of the fault of the HoP players for not being interested on ‘‘supervising’’ them.

If the HoP get the ‘‘aa dispenser’’ thing gone then they could finally start walking into the service department and help them on their needs.

Quartermaster, who’s already effectively in charge of the supply half anyway. Most of the other civilian/service jobs fall neatly under the quartermaster anyway.

If going the route of First officer, it would essentially just be splitting the HoP in half, while removing ID console from the equation

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I definitely agree with making QM a head of command. Makes alot more sense with how they usually run cargo and its most definitely something alot of players who’ve played the role can agree with.

However for the ‘First Officer’ role, I wish for an implementation for what they start with.
-A dog collar with their name on it. :slight_smile:

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In all seriousness, I’m not too sure about the condition for this role being Roundstart only.
However I do agree with every other condition for the role.

Tbh not wholly necessary, but the captain would already have a first officer at roundstart otherwise… they would just also be heading a department.

There’s certainly some rough edges to smooth out here.

Ohh its just to make sure that if there was only 1 person attempting to be captain at roundstart, they aren’t all alone in a population of 30+ later on in the round.

QM: I sell access for bounties


oh that’s genius i’m writing that one down



Making the quartermaster in charge of Supply, Service, and Civillian jobs? Congratulations, you’ve created the Head of Personnel again.

The Head of Personnel usually isn’t, mostly due to the people who play HOP not putting in the effort. Why would a relabelled HoP be any different?


I like this idea, but I think it should be restricted to your relative department and be color coded. CMO can highlight MD, RD can highlight Roboticist, and so on. I imagine the colors would be

  • RD: Purple
  • CMO: Blue
  • HOP/Captain: Green, but he can highlight any job as normal.
  • HOS: Red
  • QM: Orange
  • CE: A yellow with a bit of orange


I feel like this is really silly, taking a head out of their department to work on access changes when we already have a guy that is designed to be doing that. This also makes an acting head far more dangerous if they’re an antagonist.

Ian would be butchered in 5 minutes.


I personally don’t like this but think its okay.


Just keep HoP then, a lot of these choices are super unnecessary when nearly all of them are implemented fine into HoP’s job.