Restore shadow people race

I loved playing this race and I would like it back, it didn’t have to be removed.

it wasnt removed. It was just temporarily enabled for spooky month.

ask chem for liquid dark matter, chap for holy water, then head on down to xenobio and mix
v o i d mutation toxin

It was active before and after spooky month I believe. I want my main race back.

that’s because jannies are terrible and have no sense of time.
Shit race anyways.

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It is not a shit race it is fun to play

In the wiki it doesn’t say it is a seasonal race, it was able to be played off spooky month. I WANT MY RACE BACK

  1. the wiki is terrible
  2. cope

I will not cope
Bottom text

They were a Halloween race, they’re atainable trough other means in game but it requires effort.


restore lemon people instead :moyai:

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Shadow people used to be a regularly available race. They were removed because it was used as an excuse to lightly grief station because they had to remove lights to stay alive - many took this to mean they could remove lights from the entire station instead of just their personal work area, and started fights with people who tried to stop them.

I would say shadowpeople could be enabled for donors and/or high-hour players who will be less prone to using it as an excuse to grief.

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This would be hell to do but it’d be cool if ending rounds as certain races entitled you to play as them until you fail to evacuate alive with one

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Ruko hit the nail on the head. There was always fights etween shadow and non-shadow staff. It wasn’t fun for anyone. It was quite awful actually. Unless they get a special light blocking suit, then they could come back.

This would completely destroy their balance

We literally have light switches though-

The suit needs to be balanced before it can be a real idea. As of now reaching your workplace can kill you. Have it have to charge at rechargers, have literally terrible battery, and only last 2 minutes outside of the dark

Shadowpeople being reintroduced as a race has already been largely shut down anyway - so the discussion is rather moot.

It’s been tried and was removed in response to how the community handled them. There’s not much reason to reintroduce them as it is.

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I think the high hour thing would be good, but that might be because I don’t have a lot of money.