Requesting review of total playtime

Is this a good amount too become a mentor? Not that I’m planning too, until a few months.

Considering you dont even know how to find full playtime, you’re not ready to be a mentor.

Uh? I’m talking about other servers, which dont have playtime trackers, even after I chatted with admemes over aurora discord, they were only able to give me the first join date.

Only bee, /TG/, Paradise, and (Broken) Yog have playtime tracking as part of their /TG/ fork. (TGCM has an advanced version that only has individual character rounds, and not total time played) All the others required me to go onto discord to even try to get my time (Which only worked once) Please read more than the first imgur slide before giving up.

Honestly too much effort. Your title is misleading and the body doesnt clarify and I did not click on the imgur link that shows a fuckin clown.

If you want to be a mentor apply no one cares about your total playtime of other servers ngl

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To be fair, experience in most branches of TG > experience on just one branch

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