Request rewording of the admin note

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: EvilDragonfiend

Your Discord: EvilDragon#4532

Offender’s CKEY: Chiryn

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09-22-2022 (not sure since timezone is different)

Round Number: 40511

Rules Broken (if relevant): I did fault anyway

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): not really

Incident Description:


As the note says, I purchased Disco Inferno as a non-antag because I was curious of the shuttles that isn’t available always and I didn’t know they are inherently dangerous and considered to be murderbone shuttle they said.

It is true that my playing time is +1,000, but it doesn’t mean that I know all stuff in the game. +1,000 playing time only means that I would know a thing at high possibility, and it doesn’t gauarant that I know what can be antagonistic always.
I am not against the note’s severity since it was a big mistake surely, but I disagree with how they described there “you are held to high standards”. Of course, but that sounds I am supposed to know everything.

(and thanks to Chiryn for admin conduct)

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What I meant by that is, we expect you to not make such mistakes with such high hours. It is true that you can’t know everything, even at 2000, 3000 hours, but ‘knowing everything’ is not what I meant.

It’s always good to ahelp first, buy later in those cases.

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It appears I misinterpreted the sentence since English isn’t my 1st language. I got your point now.
then I am fine with closing this post as solved. I should have talked to you before I post this about it, I guess.

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Any other questions/complaints, feel free to tell us anytime.

@EvilDragon The category this was made in was staff reports.

Was this supposed to be in the ban appeals category or was this a report of chiryns misconduct/wrong application of our rules?
If the latter is the case then this shouldn’t have been handled by the admin and will be handled by us headmins.

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It isn’t a ban appealing but is closer to a note appealing for how it was written. I am not sure whether it belongs to this case.
I mean, I don’t seek a note removal or severity reduction, but I was worried that the wording written there would cause unnecessarily negative interpretations to admins/mods who’d check my notes in the future.

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I think note appeals also go in ban appeals? I’m not sure.

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