Report: Innocent Slime murdered in her prime

Innocent Slime murdered in her prime:


Your Discord:fuzzyhatesthisupdate

Offender’s CKEY:N/A

Offender’s In-Game Name: Lia Brinigh

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):06/15/2023

Round Number:44495

Rules Broken:7, 13

Incident Description:
As Forgets-Her-Name I was turned into a slime by the clown and Explodes-Herself-Alot was attempting to convert me back via xenobio magic that I don’t understand.
While this was happening the brig phys ( Lia Brinigh) entered the lab looking around. After Explodes told her that the slime next to her was the HoP (aka me) she would exclaim “sorry” and take out an extinguisher and try to kill me. She failed the first time however the second she was successful.
As a slime I was no threat to them at all and there was no value in killing me at all since my HoP gear was taken to the brig long before this, nor was I their target.

Additional Information:
It’s come to my attention after the fact that Lia might have believed that I was the HoS though I still don’t believe that would have justfied me being killed. That being said, I’m sure that it wasn’t out of maliciious intent.

Crew slimes got killed in sec in a misunderstanding between security and the slimes, and I thought the HoP went along with them. The slime in xenobio had a random generated name, was sentient, and my actual target became a slime too and scrambled into a vent before I could kill them safely. I killed the slime to leave no loose ends, since I couldn’t identify the corpse-slime of my target.
As for them claiming it was the HoP, I assumed they were wrong.

I feel like from what i saw the Clown should’ve been the main person reported here since it was pretty much self antag? He kept yelling it was all consensual but i think d-chat said otherwise, quite stinky, the clown wasn’t an antag but Lia was one

I can confirm that my name was randomly gernarated however as I stated in my report this was stated by Explodes that it was me in the lab. As for the assumption :person_shrugging: it was inncorrect and a hell of risk to take. Though I understand why it was taken.

The clown did get consent from me and I knew that he was trying to do and played along. I did hear however that some of the people he converted did not consent. I can not say as I didn’t witness it.

I am not taking the report, just to be clear, but I did want to let it be known that I handled the issue of the clown in round.


To be clear, they also renamed themselves the second time you came back & were called “forgets-her-name”.
The sec off would still have the same name too, as they didn’t split at all, so I don’t get why you assumed a random slime name would be sec off. Like apparently clown converted even random crewmembers, did you also assume they were your target too?

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I saw what happened when Lori and Forgets died i think one of them reproduced so when they were fire extinguishing or before the fire extinguish they were like six-eight slimes with different colors and all with random names

(If that happened on the brig lathe area that’s all i can add!)

No, as the report said, this was in xenobiology and happened twice.


Second time I didn’t check because the person working there was already onto attacking me, I took the risk because this was the only slime on the station I could find. I was also being chased by security at that point.
Speaking of which, why would a head of staff consent to being slimed and abandoning their post permanently? They knew the risk of losing their identity and suffered it.
As I’ve said, I assumed the sec off was the slime because they escaped me and the other crew slimes were killed in brig, the clown was arrested at this point and no more crew slimes were being produced.

I was the other slime who died
I asked the officer to extinguish me because my character hated life as a slime, and my death was not do to any sort of antagonism

Just for the record

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After checking a few things, it seems the clown tricked the HoP into thinking it was a slime-person/oozeling mutation, not mob slime mutation. The clown was dealt with in-round by Acronad.

I can confirm that the first time round, the HoP had a randomly generated slime name, however the second time they’d changed their name back to Forgets-Her-Name.

Lia’s objective was Prevent Takes-His-Time, the Security Officer, from escaping alive.
And as such, the HoP was not their target here either.

Logs from xeno show this interaction
(not shown are the fire extinguisher sprays, which start just after “I’m sorry”)

The target Takes-His-Time was killed in the prison wing roughly 5 minutes prior, by the clown, and still had the name Takes-His-Time as a slime(and slime-corpse)

Long story short, if you’d looked a little harder while in the brig you would have found your target dead.
You should have double checked the slime you where killing, especially as the xenobio had told you it was the HoP.

However, I also understand how chaotic it can be when you’re being chased, and especially with how many crew where mutated into slimes, Just double check things next time, you could have had a casual conversation in xeno, rather than coming in and just saying “I’m sorry” and going straight for the kill, its pretty easy to just ask a few questions to find out if the mob in question is actually your target or not.

Report Processed