Replacement Council Member Election Discussions

This is for discussion about the candidates. Shitposting, if too de-railing, may be deleted.

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Don’t vote wilchen for the meme
He may win and it won’t be funny


They’ve done nothing so far.

Where’s my free antag?

If he wins no one will listen to him t b h

Well he was kicked from council then kicked from admin for a reason, but regardless


Slav’s already campaigning so he can steal high risk items :’^)
Council made entirely of grey tiders… surely this will be good for the community…

No shut the fuck up I don’t powergame
Okay maybe I do

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mugs the hop if there’s no aa in captain’s locker

Please, slav… please.
I love you, but no.

Not my problem if they refuse to give AA and flashspam or stunspam me when I ask again
Also fuck wilchen he’s a unironic uwu felinid player

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Wilchen and VictorPride are the only real applicants right now. I already planned on trying to shorten the rules but not take away from it’s meaning and having someone else to help won’t hurt.

Though I would vote for Cenrus if he applied tbh


There’s dimas on the council.
You calling people out as “fake” and “real” has literally no weight because of that fact.
They’re all valid applicants.

I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to have an opinion :flushed:


------bottom line with cat girls excluded-------

Just don’t go out of your way to get them DQ’d or effect the outcome because they’re shitters, when the biggest shitter of them all is right up there, aight? Thanks bye.

I’m not trying to DQ them.

Fighterslam is currently banned, LastCrusader literally wrote that he wants to be one because there has to be a Council member and has no other promises and Slav wants to make the already NRP-like-LRP like something into negativeRP or some shit. Our rules are already extremely lax and I don’t want this to turn into anarchy.

That leaves VictorPride and Wilchen, the former having a clean record and a good understanding of what this server is about and Wilchen having an actual campaign promise.


Just a quick question is this gonna be the
Vote like last time?

We’re thinking of something similar, yes, except that this one will be made in-game through a poll.

What time will it be?

Right after the candidacy threads are closed.

Isn’t the whole point of being player voted is to be the voice of the people?
No goals are the best goals as I will represent the people