ReneAngel Mentor Application

Your CKEY: ReneAngel

Your Discord: Cream#3976

How long have you been playing ss13?:660-hours

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:I didn’t ask anyone for a vouch

Game Experience (More Detailed):

Do want to note that my hours in atmos have considerably increased after making this application

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You are currently muted on discord for writing erotic fanfiction of another server member.


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While that would be a valid reason to decline me, at least check if the fanfiction was written by me or directly taken from this forum. for anyone wondering -

That was resolved 20 characters post

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The heck do you actually do with all that time as a lawyer?

Roleplay, and did extreme roleplay at that, created an entire organization spanning many many rounds and weeks including around 5-6 people.

Your ban history is a bit icky, sorry. -1

Based off of my own involvement with the other point you have on discord, I will abstain from voting on this app.

I am not sure however, how positively you would represent Bee as a staff member.

Not a fan of the discord warnings as well as your note history. -1

This mentor application is looking like an out of season April Fool’s joke for real.

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Applicant has requested a year long ban so they can take a break from the game, obviously this isn’t going to be accepted given that information.
Good luck on future applications.