ReneAngel Discord Mute Appeal

Discord ID:Cream#3976

Admin Discord ID:Winter Darkraven #0011

Ban Type:Mute

Ban Length:Permanent i suppose

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):Unknown

Ban Reason:Forum picture about winter pubby pod

Appeal Reason: Not only do I apologise for unneeded copy-pasta, I assume enough time has passed for a punishment to be lifted, I promise to not ever post stuff like that again, the reason I want this ban lifted is the amount of time I already spent with this community, I love teaching people stuff and sharing my experience, thus applying for mentor at the same time as this to utilize discord and answer questions there too. Again, I apologise to Winter, It wasn’t all that funny after thinking about it. Sorry.

Additional Information:Nothing else to add, thought it was funny at the moment, didn’t think i’d get muted for it.

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Is this serious?

Can you please put the actual details in areas they are:

Writing in-tone is hard when typing, but this comes off as a bit unapologetic and more “time has passed, remove this”.

I’m sure you didn’t mean that though.

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my bad, will do. 20 characters

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I cannot find Winterdarkravens discord ID, if you could provide that for me i’ll update the appeal accordingly.

The correct ban reason would be: “Posting erotic fanfiction of Velvet”

which was directly taken from this here forums, while I was viewing velvets ban appeal rabbithole. I assumed “if its posted here without problems then forum and discord rules would be the same” apparently not, I learned my lesson there, should’ve asked or made sure, or not sent at all honestly.

To specify further, it was a phone taken screenshot of VictorPride ERP text nabbed from forums, I have not personally written anything even close to that

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After some extensive searching i finally found what i posted, if anyone thinks im bullshitting and lying about not writing it i could provide evidence. Although i think it would be better if left alone

Unfortunately I can confirm @ReneAngel 's claims. I know for a fact that VictorPride had written that message. I agree with the fact that should not be posted, but he didn’t write it, contrary to the ban reason.


Bumping a small bit without the need of 20 characters

Ill accept this, hoping it wont need to be repeated.