Renault vs. Ian

Renault or Ian?
  • Renault
  • Ian

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Now that the Renault donor items are in, there is more Renault gear than there is Ian gear. I think Renault is finally strong enough to take on the champ.

paraplegic ian has fortitude

vote ian or you’re a filthy erper




Oh fun, a ‘who would win in a fight thread’ ok so I think, IAN would kick Renaults ass, why you may ask, ok I can tell you
1: Ian is bigger
2: Ian is more useful than the hop
3: Renault. is. cringe.

that being said, Ian does have some downsides

1: he can start without legs
2: he can spawn as a puppy
3: he is the HoP’s pet

but you gotta remember the most important part of all EVEN IF IAN LOSES Renault is Valid and will be murdered by everybody


holy shit you’re right

ok ok, but what if renault nonlethally takes down ian? pacification or something idk


Shakes head no because you can’t non-lethal ian

also how the fuck is he supposed to hold a disabler?

What if we put C4 on renault

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Who is renault… …

The fox in captain’s office

Unfinished laundry if you ask me

Walters the best dog change my mind

Wait Walter is a dog? I thought he was a fucking baby polar bear!

This is not a joke btw. I actually thought he was a baby polar bear.

yeah he’s one of those weird inbred dogs like…pugs


He actually looks more like a baby polar bear than a dog. So i always assumed he was that.

I mean for fucks sakes he says Firetrucks. Not bark.

Yes i know that is not relevant to my point.

Yes, more Inbred than yeast

Walter is a semi-common internet meneWalter


I get the firetrucks thing now…

Lamaar is the best pet change my mind