Remy Rosk Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Chiryn

Your Discord: chiryn#1521

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Remy Rosk or something like that, don’t know if the other explorators were involved.

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 27/07/2022

Round Number: 39557

Rules Broken: Possibly 2 for stealing hand tele, 8, 9

Incident Description: Portal opens at medbay’s beacon. I decide to go inside it because why not, and I find myself in the middle of space. I quickly return mere moments away from going in crit, but two people get spaced as the portal closes. I am informed it was an explorator, so I tell the hos who was afk to deal with it. Shortly after, they open another portal to the beacon which leads to their landed explo shuttle, I ignore it. Shortly after again, Remy walks in, I yell at him that he spaced my staff and he said something along the lines of “cool I guess” and leaves, quickly closing the portal. Not an antagonist, and even if they were a changeling, they most likely weren’t allowed to do that anyway. After that I turned off the beacon and carried on.

Additional Information:


So you jump into a completely random portal, which you dont know where leads, on your own volition, and get mad that you died?

Or, well, almost died.

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That’s not a good look.

While it can be agreed that using a hand tele not as command is generally bad, they were an explorer, who typically are allowed to make use of said gear.

And this is the explorer’s fault how? Your two subordinates followed your example into the portal. By all means it could be interpreted as you getting your own staff killed.

Either this player report is in bad faith, or you cannot see the clear cause and effect of your actions.

Alternatively, it’s bad to make space holes that kill people because someone could die from going through, as indeed appears to have happened.

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Although I don’t think it’s something inherently serious, I still don’t like the attitude the explorator had. They could have removed someone from the round for a long time if they didn’t get out in time. Why are you using the medbay’s beacon in the first place, instead of a less populated alternative?

I was not the first one to enter it by the way as far as I know, we all kind of entered at the same time


Maybe I’m mistaken and I’m overreacting. I’m all ears though.

I have noticed this as CMO that specific people will come in and out of portals from the hand tele constantly, and some times it appears to be the CE… which makes me question why the hell the CE is leaving the station Z level at all. Thankfully explorers are being removed so this won’t be an issue for long.

Yeah, even an apology would’ve made it much better. Which would not have started this report in the first place. But they just went ‘yeah, so?’ like it’s none of their business. A person who is none the wiser could just walk in out of curiosity, have the portal close behind and they’d be stuck in space for god knows how long, probably in another Z level
I don’t mean to peanutpost and I’m sorry if it is, I’m simply elaborating further.


Since it was not pointed out.

As I have found out, handteles are very rare loot found on exploration derelicts. So they have very likely simply found it.

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I’ll process the report.
I think round “39557” was an acacia round, not sage. And no mention of a Remy Rosk in that round. However the round before (ID: 39556) there was a Remy Rosk, so i’ll check if that’s the correct round.

Thank you!

Jumping into random portals is definitely not something that should normally happen.
However, as @TheMaggotGuy already pointed out, an explorer cannot just open a dangerous portal that could potentially permanently strand people in space. Especially not in medbay, unless it was a real emergency.

In this case, the explorer stole the hand tele roundstart from the teleporter room. They told AI to open the airlock, didn’t ask for permission from anyone. This is not allowed.

During the course of the round they made very liberal use of the teleporter, in order to get from station to shuttle.
Some people did indeed get spaced, especially since they teleported multiple times into medbay and hallways.

They also took the whole “killing somebody by stranding them into space” with extreme levity:
(Naomi Kumari) “YOU SPACED MY STAFF”
(Remy Rosk) “oops”
(Remy Rosk) “to bad”

Remy then teleports away

They were not exactly roleplaying (often using “meme” words, like benos or hamborgir).

They have a bad history of 0RP and filterbypassing.

Report processed