Remove Xenos

Xenomorphs need to be removed, they contribute nothing to the round other than getting the shuttle instantly called. Sure, they’re antags, and their goal is to antagonize but it’s still a roleplay server. How the hell do we remove revs and keep Xenomorphs?

“But they only come when a round reaches a certain time limit.” This is bad because it could kneecap any ongoing gimmick from antags or crew. Your whole entire round of effort is thrown away if they get a decent Queen and nobody is fighting them.

“What will we replace it with then?” Hivemind or gangs, if anybody even wants to touch the code (impossible). Granted, I never played these game modes because they existed before me but I’d love to see them finally playable.

“But what about blob/nukies?” That’s a different argument for a different day. But I don’t want to see every antag other than traitor/heretic/whatever removed, I just want more roleplay oriented antags and by extension a roleplay oriented mindset (also impossible).

Sorry if this makes zero fucking sense I can’t word my thoughts worth a damn.

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The rare xeno is fine. We just don’t have enough midrounds on dynamic so the ones we do have all spawn way too often.

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I observed a lot lately and xenos roll a lot, true. Same with revenants and nightmares. Meanwhile I witnessed a ninja roll only once.
Tweaking the values so xenos aren’t as common is probably better

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Xenos would be best off reworked into it’s own gamemode like nukies.

Xenos seem to be about 1 in 3 rounds, ninjas are basically unheard of and ayys are extremely rare, despite both these both being less round ending. The code definitely needs some work.

Hiveminds are not viable at the moment and we have them enabled but i say that because we don’t even have aproper SoP on how Command/Security needs to react when a hivemind is detected and it’s always a mess and chatoc

We’ve had this discussion so many times on threads, on discord and in game, the issue tbh is the lack of other mid-rounds to roll against xenos-blob-pirates, at this point we should make a DYNAMIC DISCUSSION THREAD so we have all opinions on one same place

The problem with hivemind is that there’s no middle ground between early round and endgame threat time, it’s very hard to stop them or even notice them before one mind unless you’re metaing really really hard by arresting someone for just hugging everyone or instantly going validhunt mode when someone gets neural shocked, and even those are super easy to false positive the antag.

I disagree. Gimmicks aren’t sacred and you aren’t always going to be able to pull them off without some external force intervening, that’s part of what makes them so fun to actually complete in my opinion. Sometimes your gimmick being ‘ruined’ can actually make your round far more interesting. I know some of my favorite memories from playing SS13 came from rounds where my plans got completely derailed.


That won’t matter since Dynamic is our only gamemode now.


When nukies occur no other roundstart antags spawn along with them, surely it would be simple to make it the same for xenos?

While I agree with the general idea, the balance between rounds enhanced and ruined is very much in the negative regarding xenos imo. To me the main issues it has is that it rolls far too often and far too early sometimes. I see no one mind nukies after 1h00-1h30, but xenos at 40 min is soul crushing.

They also suffer from being super repetitive and turn into whack-a-mole if they end up on the backfoot, however I feel that was fixed by them not holding the shuttle anymore.

I’m not sure if it deserves the same treatment as revs, the antag has things going for it. But it offers a really mediocre experience at best when compared to other antags.


Won’t disagree with either of those, I don’t think they need to be entirely axed though.