Remove swarmers from lavaland

Title. This post is entirely motivated by salt. I was leading the ash drake to the arena I dug out when a fucking swarmer dropped a trap in my path and stunned me, basically KOing me since the drake curb stomped my ass while I was down. That was some major bullshit. Also the fact they eat all the rocks is pretty fucking lame, 0/10.

They dont…normally leave their crashed ship. Thats weird.

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New swarmer ai made them actively eat everything once provoked, so if someone or structure ever went near the swarmers it’ll activate them, making them eat everything and lay down a shit ton of traps

Not even new actually

They were always supposed to do that, but were bugged. Said bug was fixed.

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The “new” swarmers dig through lavaland like it is a can of Chips. They mine more than miners, funnily enough.

yeah they nonstop replicate. You run up to a hive with your trusty PKA to clear them bitches out, suddenly it’s not 2 it’s 20 and it’s brown jumpsuit time.

The problem with swarmers is that latejoin miners tend to get overwhelmed by them. Attacking a swarmer outpost early is good but dealing with 100 of them with basic pka when you latejoin is particularly cruel, especially for new miners.

On the other hand you do just straight up get a ton of ores from them.

My solution would be to alert the crew in case swarmers are a spawn, maybe they’ll actually conscript a miner for once too.

The TLDR of it is that their behaviour is fine but miners don’t get informed of it. They have to learn what they do first, which for a threat that takes over a whole z-level is unreasonable.

There’s also an annoying bug where the swarmer gps stays after you kill the beacon. The cause seems to be an invisible, indestructible, lingering corpse. It also beeps and does the exclamation mark if you hit it.

Appending this for posterity

Hey, how do you all see your playtime on jobs like that. I’ve done my digging but haven’t found any directions.

i’d have to go in game to tell you what the verb is actualy called
but there should be verb called “check tracked playtime” or such
it should be in the OOC tab

if you late join as miner you can print pka upgrades at the lathe

“View Tracked Playtimes”

It happens, but salt isn’t the best reason to want something removed. People just need to be more aware of them. They either were spawned by a lava river so they have open access or a miner set them free (and ignored all the swarmer noises) thinking that the crashed ship was a alien one.

If you late join miner, the research might be there if you are lucky, but the materials won’t be.