Remove sentient playersharks

Just about every round has one of these sharks spawning and it is the most shitter enabling ghost role I’ve seen.
They can talk, but of course most the players prefer breaking open the windows in Sec,Perma,Engineering,Maint and Arrivals because “Haha le funni sharky.”


The issue is not them being sentient. The issue is their spawn rate feeling extremely high. Seriously, it would be fine if that event would spawn every 15th-20th round instead of what feels like every 2nd-3rd round.


The issue arise from the fact I’ve seen these shark players literally ally with antags, sabotage the SM, selective chose areas to depressurize, break doors and other junk down. Regular space carp don’t go and break parts of the SM cooling loop, or depressurize more than one location because they stop attacking once you leave the area. Player controlled mobds are going to make the area depressurized so they don’t have to worry about but a few EVA suited people. Even then they just fly off, hide and come back.

Grab a PKA to dab on those stupid fish. Does fourty damage in low-pressure areas and has infinite ammo :clown_face:

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Based spitecode
but now I cant run my space shark government diplomacy gimmick

shark murderbone funny though
also just use gun

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Am I the only one that gets tilted that Frost can just speedmerge a spitecode in less than an hour? No discussion, nothing. Jesus Christ.


I was just the one who submitted it, admins and maints were talking about it before I submitted it (along with constant player complaints) and no one was disputing it.

This isn’t even spitecode, sentience was done just a couple of weeks ago and has been mostly annoying to people.

Reducing spawnrate of the event isn’t even good because A. the purpose of the event wasnt sentience sharks, it was very common because it’s a light event to make space a little less safe. And B. your rework is called the space dragon.

The player sharks I have seen always go for the AI, ORM and consoles, effectively destroying whole rounds.

removing game features gets speedmerged in 20 minutes but many actually good prs get staleclosed


Those are swarmers, what are you smoking

Do you have any idea how easy it is to kill a shark? Even in melee-combat


Granted this is my experience on Corg, so I don’t know how much it differs on other stations, but the sharks were hilariously OP.

They were just removed.

I wouldn’t call them OP, it’s just sentient stuff being sentient, a simple security sweep would just murk em fast

Corg is a sad, sad station

no point in discussing it anyways, we can’t have nice things

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what if players were replaced with snpc’s to make sure nothing is too op?

I’m sorry but Swarmers are super easy to handle and are rare mid-round antag to even spawn under player controller, otherwise they sometimes sit on lavaland.

Sentient Sharks were literally SO COMMON it was not unusual to see a Ling,Traitor,Syndies,Heretic,IAA,BB with a shark helping them. Because he’s technically a hostile mob. He can’t be bwoinked for fucking the station up, he can ally with the station. Just today alone I saw sentient sharks do the following

Breach Enginering, Maint Windows,Evac,Sec,Perma.
Break SM cooling manifolds
Break doors to secure areas
Attack and kill people
Break Solars
Attack the fucking AI sat.

Okay give me a weapon and a Space Suit without any hassle okay?

Escape pods have full space suits and pickaxes.

Solars succ
Breaching perma = you’re near guys with guns and space suits, death is soon
Breaking SM is comedy gold, stop hugging those manifolds you babies and do your job
Beak doors to secure areas = be on 13% hp, wait to regen, get hit by toolbox and die
Solars = i, who even sets these up
AI sat - won’t the lasers just kill the carp?

Get security to do their job, or even yeet a miner at them

Given how people react to removals, even for minor stuff that could have been atomized.

Might actually be a good thing, or at least something people brought unto themselves.

Changes literally can’t be tried without people getting attached to them and there’s a borderline pathological fear of loss.