Remove Revival To Make Death More Punishing

I (frank) suggest we remove revival from the codebase altogether
these are my reasons why

  • It makes the game more tense, any crisis is a lot more engaging if your life is in actual danger, but with revival you can just not give a shit and get revived like 10 minutes later unless medical has a metagrudge against you or/and is incompetent or youre a traitor target

  • doing stupid shit is more punishing now, if youre an idiot (like me) and just charge towards a very dangerous person/place (like me) youre putting your life on the line instead of 10 minutes of your time

  • It makes hostage situations and other threats actually meaningful, bomb threats and hostage situations are a lot less engaging when you can just revive everyone who died (remember the time sec had a stand off with a guy using a bomb to threaten hostages and someone went “nah its fine we can clone them” and blew the bomb up yeah that)

  • People will now have an actual reason to fear death (cause you die for real now)

  • If you want to m̶e̶t̶a̶g̶a̶m̶e̶ still be able to play theres always lavaland spawns and positronic brains

At the very least we should get a more complex medical system so we cant just heal attacks that would crush bones with Granny’s fucking pill bottle stolen from her bathroom cabinet

Also since this would make assasination objectives for traitors way easier i suggest we make those harder somehow, maybe increasing the chance for the target to be head of staff/sec, especially considering it makes more sense for syndies to target them
probably not the best option but i dunno

tell me your thoughts
thank you for reading


love the chaos of this game with a passion but i think having to wait 2 hours for the next round to start because you got randomly killed by spessshit 10 minutes in would quickly get tiring. Making death a little less forgiving probably wouldn’t hurt though, most people are already calling out for a medical rework.


Soon :tm:

But also not exactly.

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the fix to that is to reduce round times to 1 hour (as the old coders intended)

Revival should stay, but the methods of revival should be:
A) Manual, and require some proper knowledge to get done(most of that can be achieved with RukoMed)
B) Imperfect

It’s almost like removing a fear of death just completely fucking neuters RP in this game.

Though tbh we could probably just remove cloning and make some significant headway. Then you’d need to find some other way to revive(brain transplant, revive a very very imperfect body by hand).

Cloning poses a rule issue. Removal solves that. Cloning just makes medical even less useful. Removal solves that. Cloning, as mentioned, is an easy out for cases of death, and in most cases allows for perfect revives, meaning even traumatic deaths lose long term effects when brought back.

If we go this route they should be far more common because:

This isn’t great.

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damn you ruko and your cryptic remarks

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I could type lenghty post but yeah, Ruko will adress this with their medbay rework and i think that also includes in the future something for Ghost roles so… Soon

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