Remove human race from the game when?

End the hate, eliminate the humans.


I knew ruko was a felind

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Killing humans is only worth it if by proxy we kill all monkeys.

first of april joke, all species are felinid :flushed:

fuck that, everyone is a FLY.

Make everyone felinid then trigger the Scotland event. :thinking:

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Oh no, I have been found out. Please don’t steal my scaly cat tail or adorable cat horns ears!


Good idea!

Wait, fuck, I play as a human. Welp, IPC time

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And whoever is the last alive gets their character permanently turned into a felinid


We should have a battle royale human event where the last surviving human gets to remain human but everyone else has to become flypeople


cringe topic
i hate this
i hate lizardman

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ban everyone you mean? there are only humans here.

Just go to a furry server that isn’t Skyrat bro it isn’t that hard

what about the kid friendly part of bee

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no you don’t :eyes:

The Moff guild supports this.

Eat all their shoes and insulated gloves.

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foot and finger fetishist

rock and pal torture

ok zephiel

something something reject humanity embrace dargon

I understood that reference.

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