Remove gangs from mrp

A very strong suggestion here.

I understand that gangs can be cool and fun and such, but from my experience and the echo chamber that is discord, it seems to not be the case on MRP. In essence it boils down to ;

  1. How fast you can robust people and poke them with a pen in their eyes
  2. How many people you robust
  3. How early you fuck up robusting someone and they scream over comms, and that one guy that plays sec one time, forcibly implants the crew and guns everyone else down with the combat shotgun.

I think in the many tens of gang rounds I’ve seen. Once, maybe twice, a dominator has happened, the rest is an early evac call by a head that has been stuffing donuts into their hole on the bridge for the round.

The game mode always spirals into outright carnage in approximately 15 minutes, with no RP, just flying toolboxes, knives and sketchies. Nobody enjoys this that wants to learn a role, play their job, actually chat or RP with anyone.
Plus as an addendum, with the amount of self antagging currently sweeping through the server it’s hard to even tell who is actually playing gang and not just “lol I guess I’ll kill people then in the chaos”. I can’t imagine an admin wanting to log dive to see if they are gang or justified during these rounds.

ChAnGe My MiNd!

Pic related, me in chemistry when I hear gangs screamed over comms


As was mentioned on Discord also, replace with Assimilation. And, remove Devils.

Assimilation needs improvement before that happens. It has the same issues that Shadowlings does

Devils are quite good for RP if people don’t use the powers to tide as has happened in the past

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+1 Gangs have absolutely no place in MRP as it is right now, it instantly dissolves into absolute chaos and shittiding. It could get some RP specific update to notify the members and bosses its not a carte blanche to murderer everyone else without gang sign. Somehow revolutions and cults happen in a cleaner way than gangs do.

Oh and the Devil mode needs fixing - codex is borked

Assimilation is currently just "Die from some guy who gives you a heart attack with no tells’ currently. It can’t replace gangs right now. Gangs still should be removed from MRP regardless though.

:clap: gangs :clap: are :clap: fun :clap:

Yeah, MRP doesn’t need another excuse to act like LRP.

yep, gangs gay gamemode

Allow me to share my opinion on this matter:

Gangs gay please remove.

That will be all, thank you for understand.

remove gangs
and in its place add war on drugs gamemode

Make gangs similar to goon gangs

Isn’t goon gang basically the same thing, except you need to consent to being a gangstar? That leads to the issue of either everyone saying ues, and then one gang dabbing with minimal resistance, or no one joining, and leading to the gang bosses being lynched by validhunters.

No. Goon gang sucks. Here’s how it works:

  • Gang leaders give out free antag to their department
  • One gang either overpowers sec and kills everyone without bothering to spray anything OR maxcaps the station without bothering to spray anything.
  • Round ends and a completely different gang that stole the entire budget roundstart then died wins due to money being worth points.

Gangs COULD be a good mode, but it wont be. When people find out its gangs, the worst of the station rush off to join them, which ruins the whole mode. It has the same weakness as Revs, and thats the players. No one fights them except sec, because most of the station is just itching to murder everyone else. Conversion antags present that chance to them, and they take it. This problem isnt as prevalent in Cult, because Cult is collectively working towards a goal. They need to sacrifice someone and then summon in a location, while trying to stay hidden. Because of that, less of them are murdering, and its easier for admins to yell at the ones who go murdering at random when they could have been converting. Revs and Gangs do not allow all members to convert, so instead they just murder people. During gangs though, there are OTHER gangs that you can murder, but you dont really know who is in those gangs so you can just murder anyone. at the same time, their objective has nothing to do with killing. Gangs could theoretically go an entire round without murdering everyone and still greentext. this is not true of revs. Yet Gangs somehow manage to be worse in that regard. They murder and murder and murder.

Its extremely rare to get a gang round where gangs are just murdering random bystanders. However, even if you get a good gangs round on MRP, its still not fun. Its fun for those people who desperately seek to be antags so they can cause chaos and kill people without getting bwoinked and shit like that, but those are the only people who enjoy those rounds

What is assimilation?

It’s the mode that holds the hivemind antag. Basically, multiple wizard power level stealth conversion antags board the station. They look like normie crewmen, and add people to their hiveminds. These hosts don’t know they’re hosts, but they boost the powers of the hivemind who controls them.

After activating one mind, every host of the hivemind awakens, gets psychic communication, and antag status. The hivemind also becomes immune to stuns during this.

The real issue with hivemind is that it leads to a lot of confusion over who is valid or not, and also the fact that hivemind powers are both incredibly lethal (The most dangerous one inflicts heart attack, and there are several AoE stuns) while also being nigh undetectable.

Disagree about them being “Wizard power level” but either way, individual abilities can be nerfed (as we’ve done for Changelings just yesterday even). Gangs as a gamemode however just doesn’t fit MRP and I doubt anything can redeem it.

Wizard power level was a bit of an exaggeration, but they’re still pretty powerful, since detecting their ability usage is nigh impossible.

It could definitely be a gamemode after some tweaking, but I don’t think it should replace gangs until it actually does change.

But I still agree with removing gangs from MRP altogether.