Remove firedoors and "Fastmos"

The “new” Firedoors are utter bullshit, block you in all ways that could possible block you and are shit. Aswell as the fastmos system or how ever its called. oh no a hull breach somewhere on the moon well that will never get fixed

the new firedoors are too slow at opening make them faster. that is all


window in arrivals broken? bye bye whole station oxygen


The new atmos system increased server performance so much that it is unlikely to be removed.


They are airlocks, they serve different purpose than old firelocks.
Yes, they are currently bugged, if you encounter specifig bug fill issue report on github repo (or just carry a crowbar).
The new fastmos system won’t be removed any time soon since it is a major improvement performance wise.

that’s just plain out wrong, the firelocks close as soon as air drops to dangerous levels.


Theres also those window locks, they dont stop rooms from being depressurized but they seal the room so it can be refilled with o2 again

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brille got stuck on a firedoor and died, now he is mad and decides to salt on the forums and discord.


It’s not getting removed any time soon unless it has a VERY good reason to.

Crossed has stated multiple times that the positive impact it has on performance and server stability far outway the downsides. While I do think parts of it could use improvement I can safely tell you it ain’t getting removed chief.

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i said it some time ago and i’ll say it again: limit the amount of air the fastmos can delete in a single atmos tick, so it doesn’t suck out an entire station worth of air in a moment and actually feels a bit like the old atmos, without the “lag” of old atmos.

or add instant gib for everyone not in space suit on rapid decompression, because it’s easier to just die than to get constant brute from 0 pressure.

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"limit the amount of air the fastmos can delete in a single atmos tick, "

ok but firelocks exist exactly for that reason?

Not really, shitmos exists to make atmos go faster, not to delete it faster.

Remove firedoors

Yes. Replace with holofirelocks that reactivate on their own or something.

Remove Fastmos


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Local man seethes because he cannot just ignore a hull breach in his department anymore if he doesn’t go within like 2-3 tiles of it.


What is stopping you from going to your departments lathe, dispensing metal, wearing your skinsuit–internals, going to the breach, then fixing it? If it annoys you that much, you can do it.

It’s what I do because I’m not a fucking idiot lol.


Skinsuits doe


Slowdown doe

New fastmos is awesome and makes breaches actually noticeable. The fact that engineers dont do their job is the problem, but you have a skinsuit on you at all times and you can easily get the mats to fix it, dum dum.

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yoooo me when

plasmaflood at refill rate :flushed:
triggers overload and disables enviro
people trying to open firelocks take 2secs with a crowbar

flushing rn!

skinsuits bad
slow too much
better to just put on internals and run into room

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