Remove another changeling objective

Remove Absorb another ling objective

Literally impossible with last resort being available as a base ability to all lings.

This is cringe and unbased.

Or fix it reasonably, like being able to kill headspider that still has it eggs and being able to absorb the eggs.

Do not add it so its proximity based to lings, cuz if lings team up and they cant headspider because their team mate is nearby is cringe as well.

Note: first time playing in awhile and I dont know if this has been fixed yet, but I still see changelings that never have this objective completed.


Yeah this objective sucks, you dont even need to headspider, you can just revive and break cuffs before you get the succ

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Yeah, I agree. Also, this objective is kinda broken in the very concept. Let’s look at other objectives lings may get:

-Kill X / Prevent X from escaping alive - this one’s easy: the person is either alive or dead. if it’s the forner, you can kill them, if it’s the latter, you’re already good

-Steal X - also simple. the items you are tasked to steal are indestructible, meaning it’s unlikely you won’t be able to complete this objective. if something happens, you can ahelp an admin to bring that item back otr give you another objective

-Steal X’s ID and escape with their identity - the ID can be destroyed, but it should also be ahelpable

All the while Absorb a Changeling is hard to get because:
a) of what OP said
b) Lings can just die before you get to them, they’ll probably be gibbed once sec gets to them meaning you won’t be able to possibly absorb anything from the remains

also I don’t like fucking another ling over

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I nearly got banned for this yesterday while playing ling, got boinked because i was murderboning for not doing all my objectives, one of my objs was to abosorb another ling. They headspider as I was giving them the succ, meaning my objective was impossible to complete on account of them being gibbed

You can actually make a second ID with their name and still get it.


I was thinking about that, but wasn’t sure if it would work. Well, if it does work, then it’s only more evidence that absorbing another ling is just too hard of an objective in contrast to the others