Removal of Wizard Gamemode [Merged]



This is how you do it


the clickbait thread is mildly funny and it’s impossible to actually fall for it

do people not look at the 1800 posts? or that the thread doesn’t have the “new thread” icon next to it???

It’s like a rickroll.

We know it’s coming. But the humor of the situation is satisfying.

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Doesn’t show up on mobile. Still not hard to guess when the title is the clickbait thread though.

damn, you’ve made this a bait thread, now all that’s left is to put it on the wall of shame.

are you an android user perchance

I use android and it’s identical but I’m pretty sure the “unread messages” notifier blocks it

but showing the unread notifier also says it’s not a new post

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Yes and this.

its not

Sorry but you’re incorrect. I am never wrong.

this reminds me of my many brief stints of megalomania when playing vida games I’m good at while caffeinated.