Regarding taxes

is it considered self antag if you kill the captain over giving the crew taxes

Yes it is.

It absolutely is self antag to kill anyone for doing something that does not harm you physically.

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Captain tries to levy taxes? Declare independence.


Stupid, you mutiny over that and lock him with the cat doctor

Imagine having a captain gimmick of instating Taxes.

Do you even know what you’re saying means?

Killing your oppressor is RP 101

Just hide your money in spess and tell the cap that you lost it in a tragic boating accident.



Fixed it for you.


That entire episode is just to make kids afraid to ever not pay taxes.

Because little kids will realize that if the Joker is crazy enough to take on a literal murderous vigilante, but not a branch of the US government, then they probably shouldnt try either.

Propaganda at its finest.

And water is wet. Almost all types of media for children (even most of adult media) are trying to influence them one way or another.
Be it for political agendas, respect for certain authorities, creating interest in brands…

If I think about the amount of wwf funded comics and movies I watched/read as a child… holy hell. If you control the kids education and entertainment you control the general flow of the next generation.


You are absolutely right and i wont disparage your point.

I was just pointing it out.

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