Regarding gas mining/gas generation

Another issue with bounties being that they are pretty damn boring. Why would I waste important time of my round for some advanced bounty?

I always found bounties to be fun to be honest, the problem is when I’m a chef and the bounties require stuff I can’t get even with botany.

Gives you an excuse to build a durand, etc etc. I wish I could get more bounties.


Cargo would have an omnilathe and autolathe, so no more ore silo or departmental lathes

As a born and bred cargonian, jesus christ no offense man but with some of the people I see manning cargo there is literally no way this could work out well

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a larger variety of quickfire bounties that give like, 5k credits so cargo can make enough money to function and then a couple more big boy fun group projects worth about 40k would be ideal


I feel the same way. That’s my primary desire in a cargo rework. You guys have no reason to fulfill bounties for us. There aren’t enough of them either.

All of the bounty money goes to our account fund, so it’s only benefiting cargo. Other departments already go through CE/CMO/HOS and their departmental budget cards to order essentials.

Sometimes I can’t fill out a bounty for cargo. Say I’m a roboticist on Sage and cargo asks for a Durand. SOP says I need to ask HOS/Captain each time I make a combat mech. They can decline the request. They do this often. Building it anyway can get a security team called to mech bay and RD can demote me.

Chefs have it pretty bad as well. A bounty might be for a food they can’t make. In such cases we really need the ability to reroll bounties or have so many that your job’s one bounty isn’t blocked for an hour.

Honestly I think the issue with people not wanting to do bounties is the fact the jobs who need crates most (Medbay, Engineering, etc) are not the ones with the most bounties (Science, Service, Etc) so theres not much motivation for people to get them done since they only ever help cargo and not themselves.

It’s not possible to make a department’s service valuable without making that service necessary. Likewise it isn’t very difficult to prove someone is completely refusing to do their job and hand them a job ban for it, even on Golden.

People who are prone to self-antag and shittery are going to find a way to do it regardless of whether cargo is set up as the primary (or only) source of supplies.

That sounds almost like what it was intended to be used for

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I actually saw some guy using the beacon as a far-away sorta deal, it looked nice but it didn’t do exactly much. He also set up some nice dirt piles to rot outside the walls and then created an area, which was cool.
Didn’t even know that you could park the shuttle outside of the aux base.

This implies consistent admins presence. Which we do not always have. Unless we have a fully staffed, competent security force which adamantely wants to enforce SOP or admins willing to bus most fucking around out of existence, this just won’t work, and we have very few of either of those things.

Also, scarcity is an horrid fit for the beestation community, as, let’s face it, most people here do not want economics forced upon them in their 2d spessman game, and makes mistakes mote impactful, which can hinder the vision of a beginner friendly server.


I really agree with this sentiment, if I want cutthroat economy and cyberpunk corporate atmosphere that’s what eris is for.

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moff plush exploding gif

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This implies that people actually…follow this?

I can tell you from experience on both servers this is functionally not fucking true.

Most of us are cunts. Its like most of us are from London or something.

Good luck changing the attitude of an entire community with bans.

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