Regarding gas mining/gas generation

BZ farms are gone, and that’s okay because they wreck performance or whatever. Today me and Rhineheart got bwoinked for a miasma farm that was admittedly probably about to wreck performance. Does this ruling mean that gas farms of any sort are gonna be off the table? Maybe there could be a new healthier way for cargo to generate passive income.


Wait what? Since when?



BZ mining is actively removed since yesterday if I understand that correctly. Me and Rhineheart may have literally ran the last successful one two days ago. Which is kinda neato and bittersweet.


I’m not tryin to be rude or disparage you at all but I feel like, personally, who really cares? I also think they should remove dumbass chem factories. BYOND is really not that great and the servers are constantly being attacked, I mean why add more strain to it for a silly gimmick? Oh maaan cargo needs money for mosins and pizza and shit.

Cargo went from a 200,000 credit average to a 50,000 credit average. That’s means it’s a 30,000 credit average on Sage because I can’t go beat up Science for not giving me what I want. That’s a pretty significant change and makes a significant difference when the station is in an emergency situation. It also handicaps cargo on a lower pop because you’re not always gonna have a xeno getting you a 30k admantium boost to get you through the next meteor shower. I’d also like to see crew have more reason to ask cargo for stuff, but that doesn’t mean cargo shouldn’t have some form of sustainable passive income. It’s a research and mining facility.

The issue with lavaland mining is that it takes gas from all around making it adjust all the tiles, which tanks performance.

Miasma farms shouldn’t cause that so you should be fine.


Arch is right.

Miasma farms are usually 1-3 tiles in size (At least where the Miasma is being produced.) unlike in Lavaland where its Z-level wide.

Miasma farms cause about as much server issues as Gas miners do now.

I’m not a fan of any form of infinite production of money that can be easily and readily automated, but if it at least has the decency to not kill the server, it’s not a priority to fix.

Miasma farms, while terrible, are fine.


Technically they are only infinite as long as you have the Botany knowledge to keep the corpse flowers alive.

Miasma farms actually are something that probably should just be dealt with long term by elasticity, no need to butcher it.

You can still farm bz too by making a room in space and pumping plasma and oxy into it.

Farm my farts instead :o)

It’s a thread about gas, how could i NOT make a fart joke?


I would imagine they cause about as much issue as a massive stack pile of gas miners, because each corpse is producing miasma. There were enough monkey cubes in the pile that it could crash the client when right clicked at the time I intervened. Both players were even discussing how it might crash/lag the server in LOOC before using the extinguisher on them.

I bwoinked both and then stole their cubes and industrial grey slime at the end of it.

Full disclosure, I told both players involved that performance wasn’t the only reason I thought this was bad - Any form of quick set-up farm that produces infinite money for no further effort is stupendously bad for the economy, and I told both of them this was also part of the reason I asked them to find something else for money. I explicitly told them to ask engineering if they endeavored to sell gas, and try to interact with the station for things to sell in general.

They instead opted to sell plasma sheets and all was well.

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Not going to lie Ruko, that does not sound like something where you should intervene as an admin. That is something that should be solved via coding, not by divine intervention because you do not like it for what are pretty much IC reasons.

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Wait until you hear about duping mats in xenobio :flushed:


I’m aware.

I hate that too.

Xenobio has been allowed to fester as a magic box of bullshit for a few years.

Only noobs use corpses.

Real men use Corpse flowers.

That was nerfed.

I mean i blame you for killing the crossbreeds project so…

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Im afraid of making a guide for miasma farming. It would just speed up a intervention.

Can only have good things if you keep it to yourself.

I don’t believe I’m in the wrong for insisting cargo go out and interact with the station for things to sell instead of sitting in a self-sustained easy bubble on the RP server. RP server is shockingly for RP and player to player interaction rather than pushing the mechanical limits of the game on soon to be nerfed content.

That said, if it’s true that this doesn’t have a potential high impact on performance, even with that many monkeys involved, I’m inclined to at least partially agree with you. It didn’t need intervention - it’ll be stopped when it’s addressed by coders.

Again, only noobs use corpses.

Pros use corpse flowers.

They dont tank server performance.

Also if you want cargo to interact with the station for things to see, you need to encourage the other departments to actually fucking give them things to sell instead of isolating them. The bounty system is broken as fuck and no one uses it anymore because no one fulfills the orders so cargo breaks in and does it themselves. Self-antagging to function as a department isnt something you want to encourage is it Ruko? Because that is the current state of cargo.