Ree brig physican


But really, they are unneeded seeing as they do just grab sec gear and go valid hunting.
They may fix the issue with not healing prisoners, but they barely even stay in sec most of the time.
As most seem to just be aiding the other doctors in medical and not staying in sec where they are assigned.

But validhunt is good gameplay

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yeah bruh u are needed like once on the shift its fucking boring I usually just help people on station, i also stop traitors from killing people too since brig physician is robust.

U cant open actual surgery room as brig physician or get blood bags so it sucks dick.

Can we hall of shame a comment? While combat is fun and taking down a traitor can definitely be a wild ride, spending the entire shift doing nothing other than trying to what is basically ruin a person’s round is cringe

Powergame only way to play, especially on MRP

Valid salad

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i just wanna heal our big strong boys in red, is that too much to ask for

Did you know that powergaming is illegal on mrp?

Just be a doctor, all injured sec officers got to medbay anyway. Why would they go to the brig physician who has a limited amount of healing shit.

If you want sec access, just ask HoP for it.

Only illegal if you get caught. That’s why I break into security roundstart and grab myself a disabler and flash, to help me restrain any unruly patients. Sometimes I’ll even break into the HoS’s locker, to grab his taser which helps me even more for restraining unruly patients.

There’s surgical supplies and table in now, at least on Meta.

Tbh I’ve tried to do advanced surgery or augmentation for officers but security is usually so understaffed that both they can’t afford to not be out patrolling and they need me as backup as well.

ahem, jannies are bad and cringe, MRP is unbased, validhunting is based, stay mad
also port hippie’s forge thing that thing is actually based and epic

Tha breaks the server rules. Specifically rule 8. So you could get banned for doing that. Think about that and stop doing it.

No admins no laws no gods
Every round on MRP I validhunt all day everyday

1673 dead traitors
I am a god

Literal man of based

I have killed the Captain for being inefficient, and gibbed the cook for insufficient food placed on the counter.