Reduce the round times

People complain that extended is bad because nothing happens
People complain that killing antags is bad because nothing happens
People complain that murderbone is bad because they get their shit pushed in and they can’t play for 30 minutes.
Just reduce the round times.

Just go back to /tg/, nobody wants you here.


People complain about extended because its a shitshow of bored lrp players that refuse to adapt so they just grief and tide.

Rounds already feel too short as is


I’m sure there’s a better way to say this as an admin, but this really is how I feel. Extended is quite rare now too.

Also I know this is just a shitpost because it’s from Wilchen


the game wasn’t designed around hour long rounds
there is barely anything to do for most of the crew after 30-40 minutes

Make it so after 5 minutes the shuttle docks

no thats completely dumb

6 hour Acacia/Wildflower gang who up?

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I don’t live in the same timezone as you.

I missed the part where thats my problem

Which can actually make it really fun.

One of the most intense shifts I ever had as a doctor turned out to be a greenshift, there was a deadly supervirus going around, medbay had about twenty bodies lying around waiting for treatment and then someone max capped medbay just as the virus cure was being distributed.

Everyone was absolutly convinced it was nukies until the round ended.

not really an ideal round for an rp server, unless this was on golden.

pretty sure the only people who actually rp on bee are really sick of having rounds like this over and over again.


If you want golden go to austation.

Rounds are short for most jobs i agree, engineers and atmos techies dont have enough time to finish big scale projects.

Bartenders make bar look like a 5 star hotel to be instantly shuttle called and reset.

Virology takes 40 minutes to gather samples alone if you dont want to drain medical budget like a leech.

Overall i also think rounds need an increase in time as well.

Acacia should be HRP for this exact reason, there has to be a divide between combat focused server and RP focused server, both playerbases just dont work and conflict with eachother

Recreating golden Eh?

Maybe my old idea of just making sage golden and golden into sage was the real solution all along.

Golden died because rules were too lax and people would just grief 24/7

Golden died because nations sundays didnt get introduced Louie (1)

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