Redesigning light dispenser, need opinions

I’m working on updating the light dispencer sprite.

I’ve come up with this.

But apparently some people don’t like the base design and would preffer something else.
So i’ve come up with a few ideas but would like some opinions.

  • Keep the design just update the shading
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • Other
  • None

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I think 4 looks really cool and really usable in real life!!!

Actually just an electric kettle xD

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The light replacer is a hard one. I don’t know of an real life equivalents for tube lighting…

The Reshade is good, I think. It accomplishes most of what I would want from a resprite of the item. Mainly, its a lot clearer what it is. I have a ton of time on ss13, and I never once realized that the yellow part is supposed to be the light. its just a vague yellow area on the tool.

I think my one issue with it, that the alternatives address, is how you would hold the damn thing. There is no handle. That thing on the bottom is tiny, that is not a handle, unless it protrudes into the third dimension, which is something we can’t see. The alts address this issue in various ways, and I think there is some good ideas there. 1 looks pretty good. 2 is too gun like, I think. I see where 3 came from, but I don’t think a wand style handle works for the item, personally. 4 is interesting, as it basically undoes the gun look of 2, and I guess I could see it hanging on a wall with a bunch of other tools. But it just doesn’t do it for me personally.

I think if you just found a way to incorporate a handle onto the original design, the reshaded version would be perfect.

EDIT: Immediately after posting this, it came to me. Basically, take the part that sticks out around the light, right? the bottom of that, extend it downward, and then you bend it to the side, and connect it to the bottom. Bam, you have a handle. I dont even think it would look that bad.

Oh yeah wait i think i’ve got a good idea after what you said.

Like just something to the side. Like some kind of wheelbarrow.

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I think instead of like that, it just sticks straight down and then connects again at the bottom, but this isnt too far off

Yeah i also thought that afterward. I just wanted to expand the lower part a bit to give the illusion that it could actualy hold the lights in but making it more compact would be more practical sprite wise, it would also fit better.

I totally understand where you are coming from. Tube lights arent really small, but the light replacer is.

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