Reconnaissance Antag Objective

Had the idea of a new objective for traitors, being taking and smuggling photos of critical areas.

Example: Take Photo’s of the stations nuke, armory and supermatter.

I believe that photos can identify entities and you could set to need certain objects within the photo.

To succeed for the objective they would need to take the photos and have them on them when escaping.

Maybe also have them start with a secret camera to give them a spy feel.


A simple minor break and enter goal with minimal assistance and some simple corporate information espionage, to develop tator ability.

This is really easy if its just one photo. If it’s multiple it’s going to feel same-ish real quick.

Regardless, touring the stations as a tator, looking for methods of illicit access or otherwise is a decent task to pad out the minor pest role the Bee is lacking in.

Why not make it a whole minor antag ?

Could be very helpful for new players that wish to try their hands on antag

Also not as “violent” or “traitorous” as other antags.

It can be a minor nuisance that escalate. (maybe give it a very small unique gadget)

Yes but these are traitor objectives. Traitors are supposed to be full antags, not minor nuisances who commit trespassing. I would suggest an entirely new minor antag entirely, like miscreants.

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A revamped antag list is what we need.

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