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So I feel the feedback on GitHub and Discord is quite isolating and wish to utilize the visibilty the forums tends to get to share recently merged PRs and, more importantly, PRs currently in the works. For now I will mostly focus on mapping PRs, PRs I personally have been involved with to some extent or PRs I got permission from their creator. Depending on the feedback the PRs get and this thread in general, I may do more of these.

New Merges

Minor Brig Phys Access Change

I, @Ambiic, got a PR merged giving the Brig Phys Medbay Mech Access. Allowing them to lock their mech properly!

Change List

:cl: Markus Larsson
tweak: Gave the Brig Phys Medbay Mech Access.

Kilo Station Security and Medbay changes

I, @Ambiic, @XeonMations and @Varo have all been busy bees working Kilo Station. Both Medbay and Security has been given a facelift and in some areas a complete redesign!

Change List

Markus Larsson, XeonMations
fix: Remapped kilostation’s security department to look nicer and function better.

Change List

fix: [KiloStation] Fixes Brig and Medbay disposals.
fix: [KiloStation] Fixed a ton of decal issues.
fix: [KiloStation] Removes window-wall by the northeast solar panel and adds more working windows to all of them.
fix: [KiloStation] Floating camera in Virology.
fix: [KiloStation] Gave evidence only reinforced walls.
tweak: [KiloStation] Redesigned part of the prison.
tweak: [KiloStation] Minor western maintenance additions.

Change List

:cl: Varo, MarkusLarsson421
tweak: Reworks the lobby, changes the front desk position to where cloning was, moves genetics to the big monkey room, moves cloning where genetic was, adds a surgery room, reworks the CMO office, storage and chemistry room, removes a big part of virology and places it all below chemistry, tweaks some maintenance areas

RadStation Security facelift

I, @Ambiic, recently got a PR merged fixing and redesigning Security on Rad Station and fixes some minor issues found around Rad Station such as Science being disconnected from the electrical grid.

Change List

:cl: Markus Larsson
balance: [RadStation] added an extra Security hardsuit (total of 3)
tweak: [RadStation] remade the majority of the brig and its prison
fix: [RadStation] fixed the Science APC connection
fix: [RadStation] fixed the exosuit output direction
tweak: [RadStation] removed cursed grille at atmospherics space airlock

Fland genpop update

@BIDP recently got their Security rework of Fland merged! Adding a very clever design and finally merging the Detectives office back with the rest of Security.

Change List

:cl: @BriggsIDP @MarkusLarsson421
tweak: [Fland] updated genpop, sec, and det office
add: new Prefab map folder for any .DME files not used in game, but for mappers to store prefabs permanently
add: RandomMapHelper.dmm

Work in Progress

Adds the ability for AI to talk in loud mode for the binary channel.

@XeonMations is currently working on an update for cyborgs to hear their master AI in loud mode. This should help confussion which might arise from the tiny text silicons have.

Surplus Implants duffelbag & Minor Changes to all Surgical areas

I, @Ambiic, recently made a PR adding a duffelbag of some implants to all Medbay surgery rooms in the hopes that Medbay will get something to do and the less used implants will see some usage!


my MMM entry & Six new Maintenance maps!

I, @Ambiic, and @XeonMations recently made a PR each after the Maintenance Mapping Marathon had concluded. This adds a whole 26 more maintenance rooms giving us some more variety!



Reworks CorgStation BRIG

@Varo has been busy fixing up CorgStation Brig to not just improve the Genpop but the entire department!


@BIDP has been REALLY busy working hard on another brand new map! A low-pop map almost smaller than Kilo with a total of four Z-levels.


Thank you for reading and thank you to everyone who participated in the Maintenance Mapping Marathon last weekend! Let me know what you think of this kind of thread and let everyone who put in a ton of hours into their PRs what you think of their work.


whoever that @Ambiic guy is I sure hope he sees this post after you mentioned him four times :thinking:


this @Ambiic guy sounds stupid, i hope his prs get merged


No mention of my CorgStation brig, downvote

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Added the WIP PRs for EchoStation by @BIDP and Reworks CorgStation BRIG by @Varo.

I’m working on an archery rework with Xeon but don’t tell anyone (I been stalling)

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