Rebel Trouble's guide to being an exemplary greyshit (BOX and META ONLY)

Hey you! Do you want to be a greyshit? Do you want to be a king above greytiders and a respected robust tider? Well this is the guide for you

Normal Greyshit Guide:

Step 1: Get guns or all-access.


The Stealth all-access: There are 3 places where you can get insulated gloves from. Both are relatively easy to procure if fast or robust enough

Primary Tool Storage always has a pair of insulated gloves available for order in the tool machine. Assistant start with 30 credits which isn’t enough to buy insulated gloves. If you wait for some chad like a scientist to come buy them, you can push him over for them and run or stunlock them by shove pushing them into a wall while taking their gloves

Tool Storage. Just need a welder and wrench to make a fake wall or just remove it altogether.
When you get in you get your first weapon of the game and a pair of gloves.

Probably the easiest but not as rewarding as tool storage.
Just rest, go under the flaps “highlighted in red” and break the glassdoor with anything you have, preferably a toolbox. Just get the gloves and leave because CE and engineers do not like glove stealers and WILL kill you if you let them get the chance. Trust me I have died a lot because I stayed too long in engineering.

(FOR NEWBIES) Cut on a random door until you see the TEST WIRE is off. That is the wire that gives you access to everything, you have all access with more steps if you know the test wire. If you accidentally hit the bolt wire you will not be able to get in even if you have the proper access. Once you know this wire you should never touch it unless you have a multitool which you can PULSE the BOLT WIRE to fix the door if it is bolted. Once you know the test wire you just cut that wire and crowbar the door to open it. If the door closes on you while you’re in, uncut the test wire then cut it again then use the crowbar to get out. After you get near the locker see the speedrun method to find out how to make a spear. THROW THE SPEAR at the locker until it breaks open. Now you have all access and a Captain’s bowman that you can click on and enable all channels and even make it so when you talk in the headset, your voice will be heard before anyone else (excluding people who have the other head’s headset)

The Barbaric all-access:
Go to any of the 3 places for insulated gloves. After that proceed to get a fire axe. Located in 2 places only and highly wanted by other assistants and security. Tread carefully with that shit.
Bridge. Nothing much to say except get into it either through the doors or grille by throwing shit at it from at least 4 tiles away. Once you get in there is a multitool there that you can use to get the axe quickly. Very good for a get in, get out type of mission. Also, a flash will be there which will be your first weapon of the game

Atmospherics (Not recommended, usually a waste of time): Not recommended since the atmospheric technician usually takes it to combat the assistants or traitors that do not want to spend TC. Still easier than the brig if it is there. You can wait for someone to come out of maintenance or front of atmospherics and run in and break the glass for the axe.

Or you can break in through the highlighted way. Under flaps then break or dismantle the computer then window.

If they chase you, you might have to fight (do not kill or crit unless they show lethal intent) or yolo through the two-layers of windows, since the axe breaks windows and grilles instantly and you presumably have insulated gloves because you follow the steps right? you can break through them pretty easily and with minimal damage into maintenance…

Rest is pretty easy,risky and sloppy. My type of way since I do not like technical ways. Just break through all of Captain’s doors either through the bridge window and his office. Or through the teleporter.

SPEEDRUN (best for people that are robust since if a random bystander catches you breaking in or if Captain sees you in his office, he will fucking massacre you and people will rat you out):
Probably the easiest way to get all access and easiest way to get caught along with a low risk to get caught. If that makes sense. High risk/low risk depending on circumstances and High Earnings.
Make a spear. (Shards, Rods, and Cable Cuffs). Then use crafting to make it
the T indicates the crafting menu. Everything else should be pretty easy to understand if you have the tools to make it.

Once you have a spear, procure a blue toolbox with all the tools.
Then welder tool and wrench the FIRST WALL ( squared in red ) and make a fake wall, open the wall, go in and CLOSE IT. If you did this fast enough and no one saw you, you can just destroy the last 2 walls and wrench the wooden table.

Use the spear to THROW at the locker. After a few throws, everything in the locker is yours, the spare and the Captain’s bowman and you’re done!


The Savage Weapons:

Use the Barbaric Method above to get a fire axe
use these routes to get to the armory. I doubt I need to explain this one anymore so I’ll stop here

The Smart Weapons: Hack into brig in any way you want. Better through maintenance.

Use a spear to break into warden’s locker and take his brig remote, press it until it says open and press the automatic door at least 2 tiles away from it. Take whatever you want and use the remote to get out since it gives you full access over brig even HoS’s office.

SPEEDRUN: Get a spacesuit from EVA and go behind armory in space, you can either use thermite that you get from chemistry by asking or breaking in and stealing chemicals. A big beaker can be splashed on the wall, ignited by the welder tool for easy entry. Or make this a REAL speedrun by using tools since asking chemistry or breaking in will take more time, contrary to popular belief.

Use these steps to break into faster, no room for error. Once you get used to it this will be easy to remember

If there is no AI this should work well. Still, be careful of observant HoSs and Wardens since they will not neglect to grab a security hardsuit and chase after you in space


Also, I know a faster way to break into Box station Captain’s office for all access and can reveal it if you guys dig this one


Wow, what a well-written and well-documented guide! I’m sure any player with even a bit of understanding can follow this!
Please delete it before people see, I beg of you.

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Too late I saw and now I have stage 8 cancer


Literally everything is set in menues and headings.

It is set into two parts. How to get all access and how to get guns. and different ways to get each. What is so hard to understand about that? There are literally pictures in case
you do not want to read

⠀> doesn’t show the crate baby technique

useless guide


crakka ass unrobust greytider showing the secret knowledge to the world


By using the speedrun i’ve made, I swear to you I’ve been able to get the spare before anyone in a matter of 2 or 1.5 minutes. No idea why this is getting so much hate when everything in it is legit some of the fastest ways to get spares and guns

my speedrun for spare is literally 54 seconds suck my cock

I did not give my fastest speed run. Which is why I put this

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The normal non-reinforced walls right side of cap’s bathroom, bruh.


Don’t forget about armsky, you can easily dispatch him by grabbing the ion rifle and shooting him, then you can beat him to death.

Don’t be shy! Show us how the AI upload (no death) speedrun :nail_care:

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  1. hack into secure tech storage, steal the AI upload board
  2. break into sci and hope they have the research done, print yourself out a freeform board
  3. ???
  4. profit
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This should be deleted, if your looking for a rule and can’t find one just use powergaming… Admeme please delete

I dont see any problem with this, who hurt you mate


Greytiding fact: You can get a DIY insul gloves by taking ANY PAIR OF GLOVES (Or if your feeling risky no gloves at all) and a glass shard.

Now your set however this supa secret technique only works when trying to break down electrified grilles/doors.


its fine as a guide to get gamer gear if you’re an antag assistant, for example.

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You can get AA faster, however it requies some good rng:

  1. Get your toolbox with tools.
  2. Find test wire.
  3. Break into security maint storage, steal n2o can.
    (OPTIONAL) Rename it to air or oxygen (or plasma if you feel cocky).
  4. Set the cans output pressure to maximum, take your internals out.
  5. Break into hops, open the can, start shoving him like retard powergamer you are.
    (OPTIONAL) Close the fucking door, crew won’t apreciate n2o fucking everywhere with fastmos.
  6. Give yourself AA.
  7. pog
    No hop will be fast enough to pull out internals, especially if you start shoving him but you need the hop to be in his office with ID preferably in console (saves you some frames later :wink: )

I am like 100% sure this is selfantag on either server