[really real] turn "general" into "shitposts"

what the fuck

what else do we use this for

piterskiy playing weeb music

solid choice for administration


gib antag s okten!!!

x happened when i was x doing x…

bro i love dimas i wann-

this guy cool i guess what y’all think

all of tthe above are just various threads summed up and that is literally what /c/general has become and WE NEED TO RENAME IT TO SHITPOSTS OR ADD A SHITPOST TOPIC OR… SOMETHING


this is a shitpost
shitpost as you please in the shitcomments
my fingers hurt from clicking on goliaths all night

Feet licking good…

Give squid unbreakable grab pliz

Solid choice for administration…

TFW there are people who hold hands after 3 years of married instead of 6

solid choice for administration

shit fuck cum in ass

We got a story thread, antag straw polls, questions about other servers…

I vote we just rename windowserror to professional shitposter instead.

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sparrow, read what you just wrote
then, read the comments on this thread
then, think

Oh crap, he knows to much. I gotta blend in. Uh, ugh… hrmm…

Solid choice of administration.