Reagent filter circuit makes me sad

so i made a fit in bag healing system using circuits and the framework of it is the filter circuit which simply doesnt work, issue i was having with the system is that it would inject you with brute and burn heal chem but it was based on overall missing health no that actual damage type - basically it poisoned you to death if u didnt have brute and burn damage.

Well i fixed it, next issue was that it wastes chem and this is where filter circuit was supposed to do its job.
Currently if u have above 10 brute or burn it injects 3 u of heal chem 1,5 burn chem 1,5 brute chem so its a waste…
But that filter circuit ignores everything on list and just pumps everything big kek.
I actually use sprays from vendor which poison you so i had a big brain plan to have third reagent which activates at above 10 tox, now my machine just says “you have at least 10 tox damage i cant fix” If it detects it and im sad i couldnt finish the machine.