Readd Cortical Borers

There’s an ancient thread that suggests this, they were removed in 2017 and they are awesome. I’ve played them on Aurora and they result in more RP than any other antag because the Borer is forced to RP and the host is forced to rp so it doesn’t get consumed


I’ve never heard of them before, could you explain what they are for all of us who don’t know?


Cortical Borer on TG
Aurora Station has a really limited wiki due to constantly having the same 100 players, but their borers are more advanced and come with the benefit of giving their host abilities that can’t be used while the borer is in control, their borers are what we should implement to improve RP


what’s stopping a player to just rush medical. if all your punishment abilities have a long cooldown

I just read the wiki and it sounds hilarious. It also reminds me of the film The Faculty.

It sounds like a fun addition to spice up the round or just as a gamemode in its own right.

Can’t wait to team up with other borers and start screaming “ONE OF US” at people.


As I said Auroras borers gave its hosts severely beneficial abilities for every job, and borers are mixed with other antags. The borers themselves on TG had a goal to be in 1/2 of the people on the shuttle, and I’m thinking we could mix this with the concept introduced in the old cortical borer thread on this forum where once removed a borer would become symbiotic with its host instead of parasitic, removing its control ability and reproduction and allowing it to provide benefits for its user without removing them from the round

It sounds very fun, hope this gets considered and merged

If the code for the borer we had in 2017 is still around we might be able to work off that

Someone is trying to rework sentient diseases, if they do it, Borers will be a completely unique antag, because for now both od them seem similar in a way, or maybe its just me and im tripping.

We need funni space worms ASAP

for the most part anything ever in tg will be accessable because of how Git works.

It needs a lot of work to be functional in our rp environment

I wouldn’t say so honestly, Borers can act weird around people when taking over control and basically act like holoparasite, talking and giving advice to host for them to live longer.

On auroras code the borers give the host a slew of psychic powers that get cooler the longer you have the borer inside you, but when the borer is in control the powers go away, giving the borer a reason to try to appease the host to reproduce while the host tries to appease the borer to keep their powers. One of the powers is functionally the same as the toolset arm implant and another is essentially the same as the energy dagger damage wise so they would be easy to port or code in.

/vg/station also has them.

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as a gamemode ? would be shit

as a midround antag ? Jeez it’d be cool as hell. i’d love to play that.

i love VG borers, later stage stuff with full body borers let you become a ghetto ling, they are pretty fun

Remember reading this and getting hyped, but then remembered all that would happen is as soon as I lose control, them screaming “HELP BORERES”

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That’s why Aurorastations borers giving their host powers that scale the longer you have the borer is so nice, it’s incentive to try to keep your borer a secret despite knowing somethings wrong. Additionally we could just add a goal when someone’s infected by a borer that’s like “this thing in my head is so close to me, I must protect it”
Rp wise could be explained as the borers releasing oxytocin into the brain.


Oh, I hadn’t heard of borers before. They sound fun! It’s like the Trill from Star Trek.

I’m all for strange space bugs being added. Now lemme put the tiny brain worm into the big Grod worm. :bug: