RCU-42 / Xenomorph Queen Player Report

CKEY: Crow4

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: NotEbe96 (RCU) / Communismbelike (Xeno queen)

Offender’s In-Game Name: RCU-42 / Alien Queen

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sag

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2024-02-01

Round Number: 47551

Rules Broken: 9.2 (don’t assist antags) / Antag Conduct (There are no friendly antags)

Incident Description: RCU-42 a non antag roboticist, obtained (not rushed to get, i may have mispoke originally) a hive mind implant so he could talk to the Alien Queen, donned a space suit and set out to go save the alien queen, who was openly hostile and being pursued by security, by making a floor in space for it to plant weeds on. The alien queen then did a le friendly antag xenomorph RP with them until round end where they both escaped via explo shuttle and then they kissed. really.

(The logs get creepy.)


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I never consented to kissing I was writing a report…rcu is the weirdo!


Also, I should state you didnt say the situnation at all

The AI had emagged borgs with Eswords that could 6 hit me and almost killed me 4 times, there were 5 mechs that chased me throughout space, my Hive was murdered instantly, plus everyone either being armed or protected, and the AI killed every single monkey on station making infecting people impossible.

VICTORY was impossible, so what would a SMART race of apex predators do when they know victory isnt possible? use someone to leave the area to get to a place with better prey, which is what I did.

I wasnt friendly instantly, only after being almost murdered a second time did I slightly agree to teaming up, and even then I was openly hostile and Demanded to be brought to a place with prey, or to be brought prey in general, I was never fully friendly, and was simply using them, which is what I believe a race of intelligent aliens would do if they clearly lost.


Yeah the logs will show for themselves on that one.

Hello I was RCU-42,

My plan the entire time was to get the alien queen to trust me and get them off station(which would neutralise their threat to the crew). The hive mind implant was so I could hear xenomorph comms and to communicate, if they had any plans to attack the crew I’d have communicated these plans to security.

The alien queen didnt tell me to make a floor for them to make weeds, they asked me to make a floor. Besides, IC I was trying to get their trust. This is all reflected in our say logs over the hivemind channel.

The xenomorph queen was openly hostile and aggressive the entire time we had been communicating, to call it friendly antag RP is ignorant and dishonest.

Finally, that screenshot of me and the alien queen was after the round had ended and I had realised it was my OOC friend.


The queen said “Floor now”, you complied. You had no reason as a roboticist to talk to the xenomorph, get the implant or to “get it off station”, it’s not a lost animal it’s a “SMART race of apex predators”, it was very obviously friendly antag RP. "Haha fear me i’ll kill ya if you don’t :wink: " is still friendly antag. Logs will show it.

“Maybe there is something more to you if you are this fearless…”
The alien queen is simply SHOCKED at the reaction
Launch before they slaughter me

I made clear my intentions, you are ignoring my justification which is proven in the logs to tarnish our image because you simply did not see the logs and so refuse to believe anything contrary . They were not friendly, you just cannot imagine a world where antags dont instantly murder anyone around them and dont manipulate and use crew.

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I just pasted some of the texts

I would also like to note, I did not rush to get a hivemind node. I did not ask the crew to bring me a node, nor did I ask for people to bring me dead xenomorphs. There was a dead xenomorph in science, I simply took the node from them after providing the chemist an arm. You are deliberately misrepresenting me and the alien queen because you did not like what we did.

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These logs are completely out of context and unnecessary. The admins have all of them, do not worry about posting them.

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Don’t tell me what to worry about posting in my report bud, we can just wait for them to pull logs. You just don’t like what i’m doing, by posting the truth, there’s plenty more i wasn’t able to grab cause new round.

Clearly you are in a bad mood. I think you and I are done here anyway.

Have a good day.

uhh alrighty, thanks, but i do agree i shouldn’t have used “rushed” on further remembering

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bumping is counter intuitive as reports are assigned based off of oldest to newest.