Raymond Aldrich banned by moccha

CKEY: Raymond Aldrich

Admin’s CKEY: moccha

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/22/2019

Round ID: 9369

Ban Reason: Broke rules 2,4,8 Killed the chef over threats and removed the legs and dissected a chemist for shooting him with chloral hydrate has a mountain of notes over this kinda of behaviour and was banned before for this.Edit:authed by markzuckberg

Appeal Reason: I know what I did was really bad and have notes for being a shitter in the past but I’m trying to better myself. The cook started to threaten me from the start when she arrived and I made a bad decision to transform her into an abductor. I made the situation worse by doing the same to a doctor who shot me with chloral hydrate. I know what I did was super shitty but I’m trying to better myself to not be a shitter and I love playing on the MRP and me not being able to do so anymore would be devastating.

Additional Information: Not really I know I was being a shitter in the past but I’m trying to become better.

hol up

moccha is a trialmeme
doesn’t get the ban authed
perma instantly
bro, seems kinda fisy

Forgot to add the ban was authed by markzuckberg

It was authed you fool, botny man mad

Honestly if this behaviour is better than what you used to do then I don’t even want you on the server -1

Not saying that the type of behaviour described is good but I am trying to better myself. I am not saying I am already better but am trying to be.

Tbh i would get the ban reduced to a month and see how you fair in LRP considering how you aren’t banned from there, if you show signs of improving the the ban could be lifted atleast in my opinion.

If I could get the perma down to a month and then prove myself on the LRP I think it would be wonderful

As the authing admin, I agree with that, a lowering to a month ban from MRP would be sufficient for them to prove they’re improving on LRP.

Ok so I’m lowered to a month?