Rating each roundstart Syndicate uplink

Hey hey people, Mine here. Today we’ll be(e) seeing pros and cons of all roundstart syndicate uplinks spawns, let’s start with most common ones:

Roundstart Uplinks:

PDA uplink

The most used round start uplink spawn by both newbies and veterans alike.


  • Copy paste-able code so you can waltz into your syndie shop with just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

  • Since PDAs are expensive to replace, you’ll almost likely be given them back if somehow taken away from your belongings.

  • Almost impossible to brute Force without metacomms or just knowing how the ‘passcode’ algorithm works in general.

  • PDA itself is also useful I guess.


  • Being the most common and popular, these uplinks are often checked by security nowadays, so if you forget to lock your uplink you’re pretty much screwed over.

  • Hiding your PDA usually means saying bye bye to all of it’s functions, which are quite valuable especially with cartridges. (Messages, notekeeper, etc.)

  • On Lavaland, if your jumpsuit gets burnt to ashes, your PDA might as well be another meal for the lava.

  • If it’s IAA gamemode and you can get PDA bombed, loose your uplink AND a life.

  • Greyshirts will usually steal your PDA if it’s in your ID slot and never return it.

Rating: in my opinion, there are better choices out there.

Radio Headset Uplink

Most likely least used type of uplink, since most people grow suspicious when they see frequency instead of [common] in the chat.


  • Easily concealable, almost always left unchecked and most importantly can be replaced with other headsets while you keep your uplink hidden somewhere else (like maintenance or lockers).

  • Works even when on your ear slot.

  • Can’t get bombed, so you can wear this at all times.

  • Doesn’t burn in lava as long as it is on your ear slot.

  • Most people only care for Security Encryption Keys so your headset will stay untouched most of the times.

  • Brute forcing difficulty applies here, though the uplink’s range usually stays between 144.1 and 149.9


  • No copy-pasting frequencies because old UI(?), Therefore difficult to access if you’re slow at typing. false

  • If security is aware that traitors are onboard, they might check for any encryption keys they could confiscate if it doesn’t match your role, assuming they’re competent enough. (Pray to spess Gods you didn’t slip in Syndie encryption key.)

Rating: Despite not being able to shave off some seconds to open the uplink, it is great choice for stealth nonetheless.

Pen Uplink

Ever more unused variant, but with a lot of potential


  • No one uses it, therefore no one suspects it.

  • Copy-paste able code from memory to the textbox.

  • Just like headset, can be easily hidden away and replace by another pen. Best part is that most pens are usually identical, therefore even if you leave it in open, nobody will pick it up except for maybe janitor and curator, but when that ever happened?

  • It is small item, so you can slip them in jack boots or hazard best.


  • If it’s in your PDA, it can get bombed alongside your PDA.

  • Same thing with lava as mentioned in PDA subject.

  • Because most pens look identical, you’ll have to memorize where you hid it, or else you’ll have trouble finding it again.

  • Having it outside of your PDA (like in backpack, box or pocket slots) as anyone else other than Curator will likely raise suspicion on you as a gangster leader, and most likely get you lynched.

  • Far more easier to brute force the code, if people even know that the pen is the uplink.

Rating: Very robust choice in my opinion, 10/10 would GREENTEXT again.


You can copy paste frequencies into the headset. You can also just set it back to 145.9 when you’re done to get back to common radio.

To avoid pda bombs, just turn off the send/recieve messages function on PDAs like any person would


I think the pen uplink auto closes itself as well, so that’s another benefit


I use the PDA uplink, despite the pen uplink probably being the best of all of them.
Radio headset is super insecure and the code can be found very easilly by scrolling through.
Pen uplink can be hidden inside boots and some clothing making it good for being arrested by sec

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inside boots and some clothing

Why? Nobody will bother to search the PDA for the pen.



20 letters gang

If you get caught by sec they will just take your PDA because thats likely to be the uplink

Whatever bruh. Real chad put it in their pocket protectors.


There is also uplink implant

Roundstart uplinks only

For pretty much all my time of SS13 I’ve used my pen as my uplink, it was one of the first settings I’ve changed. I guess I will talk about my experiences with it.

I think the pen uplink used to only be from 1-360 degrees some time ago, at least that is how I remember it. However, it was changed and you now have to put it to 2 rotations, so instead of just 360 possible codes there are 129600. This is completely impossible to brute force.

This is completely true. If you open your pen uplink it will immediately close and only open the uplink menu once. If you are ever shoved because someone thinks you’re using your uplink they will not find anything.

Yeah, while I do not think a lynch squad would immediately from, it is very suspicious and I think some smart seccie might decide to not give the pen back.

This is a bit of an advantage, you can leave the pen in a low traffic area that normally has pens without much fear of it being stolen, as long as you can remember which pen is yours.