Rate Your Corporate Assigned Lawyer Eric Buildmun

Attention crew, this an automated message from NanoTrasen. As per regulations [XXC113]
we request your feedback on [NT-L-7777] [Eric Buildmun].
Please answer in the designated reply box below:

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Hey Eric, what do you build, mun?

Jokes aside, I enjoy seeing lawyers. We need more court cases in rounds!!

Your face is too flammable in-game and it was JUST A PRANK gosh. >:(

Overall enjoy em lmao.

Eric is a good time on the station.

And just out of curiosity, what’s your opinion on the forensic scanner? Does it count as standard sec equipment for purposes of charging a 306?

Anyways, keep up the good work. Your commitment to staying in character and applying Space Law appropriately helps make rounds fun.

Oh, and our fight on the emergency shuttle was a blast last night. Thanks for giving me room to make it goofy before starting to fire off disabler shots.



Though yeah thanks for the confidence boost, anything you want for me to change?

What’s the reference? Also I will try to get a trial going, albeit I may have to do some side work to get it running. Mainly figuring out how to pulls the strings in , setting up the case and teaching everyone SoP.

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It was a very poor Cool Runnings reference :pensive:

Really? This is the thing that gets me caught up in legal troubles?
I guess I’ve gotten lucky up until now.