Rares2107 ban appeal

**CKEY: Rares2107

**Admin’s CKEY: I don’t really know, I believe it is RodBoward

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: it shows me that it is for both

**Ban Type: server ban

**Ban Length: permanent

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/31/2019

**Round ID: 10903

**Ban Reason: Attacked a fellow gang member to defend his ‘‘friend’’ in another gang. Left mid ahelp after this

**Appeal Reason: I would like to be unbanned because I didn’t know that I caused that much harm. I was playing ‘‘pre-made’’ with some friends and at a moment I was pulling one of them to the med bay because they needed medical attention then that guy which I wasn’t aware that he was from my gang( I am new to spacestation and I am not really used to many things here) hit me and took away my friend and started pulling him away so I tried to take him back. To my knowledge this is LRP so I didn’t believe that such an incident would be punished that harsh with a permanent ban. Also I would like to mention that I did not leave while I was speaking to the admin, the round ended and it disconnected me.

**Additional Information: I don’t think there is anything else to add.

I’ll give you the answers to the basics,

Disconnecting before or during an ahelp always results in a ban so you can explain on the forums, which you are doing right now.

Here’s a question you will probably be asked;
Where you using discord, skype or the like to talk with your friends about the game during the game?

You were perma banned because you left mid ahelp. Your fellow gang member attacked you for assisting a person who was in the rival gang that I assume was your friend. In general, you shouldn’t be assisting anyone who isn’t in your gang, let alone someone that is in a rival gang.

You left out the full ban reason too. (Christopher Shafer): that is(?|F) a confusion# was your response to me asking why you assisted a rival gang member. Plus the round went on for about another 10 minutes or so after you left, not sure why you’re lying in an appeal, but not a great idea.

Yes we were using discord

I’m going to go ahead and assume you haven’t read the rules based on the fact that you pretty much admitted to using meta communications, which is a violation of rule 6.

Yes to be honest I didn’t know about this rule

I’ll unban you when I get home, which will make it a day ban. You can talk to people in Discord while you play, just don’t use information that they give you to aid them, that will get you banned 99% of the time. If the two of you want to learn how to play together, let an admin know first.

Ok, thank you very much for understanding, I will not repeat my mistakes.